Kodi freezing randomly on RasPi3

Hi there,

has anyone been experiencing some freezing on kodi while browsing trough the menus?

Kodi completely freezes and I have to kill it or reboot via ssh. This only happens on RasPi3. My Pi2 is fine (or so it seems).

I don’t have any logs yet, but if/when it happens again I will try and get them.

Thank you all

Could b a power issue, the Rpi3 is using more power than Rpi2.
But without logs its hard to say.

I don’t think it’s a power issue. I have a 3A power source.

I’ll get the logs when it happens again. Until then, only if it happens to someone else :slight_smile:


Raspberry Pi 3 with 2016.2-4

Yes happend to me too, but I haven’t also any logs so far (original R-Pi power source, if someone asked) I had the idea that the DIM screensaver (my Pi freezed over night) is the root of evil but deactivation didn’t bring the (full) solution (as far as I can tell atm.), so I was thinking it hangs on my external USB-HD 3TB when I plugged it in, but it doesn’t happend all the time so on this point I was thinking my Installation is somewhere dirty but it seems not.

Make sure that you have debugging enabled because only then the logs will be really helpful.
Also verify if you still can access via ssh when Kodi crashed

Yep, has happened to me a few times, but have other problems I’m trying to solve before I get to that one.

I also think it’s not due to power, as I have a 2.5A source attached.

I could definitely still ssh in when it was frozen (and I did confirm that kodi.service was completely dead the last time).

Will pull some debug logs if/when it happens again and post here.

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