Kodi Krypton for OSMC is now available


Push left rather than right to access the submenus. If that is not an Inuitive action, alter the Main menu items action to SetFocus(9001). This way left & OK will both bring up the submenus


omg, what a shit version.
lovely interface but poor code behind
doesnt always keep parameters after reboot
upnp links dont work anymore
and best of the best, NO WARNING BEFORE THE UPDATE… you surely dont work in computer engineering IRL. Or you 'll be fired soon.

ok i can donate money, but for the PREVIOUS version
10€, ok for you to propose an automatic rollback ??


This is a poor attempt at trolling.
There was a warning before updating with a link to the blog provided.

These sound like issues local to your set up. I don’t see many other complaints about this. Post a log so that we can identify your problems or stop whining.

Nothing prevents you downloading the old version from the website.


Pro-tip: A good troll is one where people are certain you aren’t a) a troll or b) actually retarded.


I will take SD card and DB backups before updating, but is there any benefit from doing a clean install vs an update? I always prefer clean installs of operating systems (cough: Windows) over upgrades, but is there a benefit here?


There is no benefit here.



Hey Sam,

This new build is absolutely sick. Interface looks great, navigating through the menus works great on all of my rpi3s. I do notice the same load time when going back from a stream or loading the streams initially where the new loading overlay appears. Tested on 3 different units.

Pi3 1. 32gb class 10 u1 SanDisk, hyperion enabled, works great with the above loading issues.

Pi3 2. 8gb c10u1, only addon is Ex, same speed through menus, same slower load.

Pi3 3. 32gb c10u1, same as above.

This is feedback, not criticism. I LOVE it. Just a tad slower than 16 was last night. Keep up the great work. Was most excited to see Hyperion was still working as expected.


There will be speed improvements for add-ons in the future.
Any difference in add-on speed currently should be minimal and quite tolerable


Awesome update !
At first I had some issues with sound ressampling - some 5.1 sources were not being converted correctly compared with Jodi 16. But after some fiddling it stood ok.

In the end I was even able to wirelessly control osmc with my PS3 dualshock Controller (using the previously installed retropie configuration).

Fantastic !!!

[EDIT] - some additional info as a friend of mine wasn’t able to use the ps3 controller wirelessly, and some of you may have the same issue.
this is for a RPi 3/2:
In this example, dualshock was working with reptropie but NOT with osmc.

1 remove sixad dualshock support:
sudo apt-get remove sixad
2. configured ps3 torugh osmc new settings, input, controller, added playstation command, connected trough cable, configured buttons.
3 went into add-on and removed playstation controller.
4 back to the command line
(as I don’t have the sixad installation source, have to re-install trough retropie):
5 revoke retorpie installation
sudo ~/Retropie-Setup/retropie_setup.sh
6 choose:
manage packages / manage driver packages / ps3 controller (install from source)
[don’t choose any other options. just exit]
7 follow the instructions previously posted here:

Now working wireless for both osmc and retorpie.

Probably there is a easier way, but as this one works, though to share it.


Hi. As always, one must understand there will be conservative pain-in-the-asses that don’t like anything new. Actually the new skin is a big improvement and I really love it. Also I don’t see any performance issues and I can even play some of the h265 content. Thank you for the great work!


Couldn’t agree you more. Great update and everything works fine. New skin is cool, but so is new Kodi default skin. Can’t really decide which one I like more, even though they are really different. But it is only great to have options.

Thank you for the update!


Thanks for the effort guys. I think the new OSMC skin is a modern evolution of the old skin, without actually sacrificing the simplicity we came to love about OSMC. Sure, there are some changes, but it took me literally 30 minutes to figure them out. It’s not perfect, but now with it hitting GA, it can be refined incrementally. Sometimes we forget, myself included, that we use this stuff for free…

Love it so far. :ok_hand:

PS: On a similar note, I personally think that that default Estuary skin is a huge improvement over Confluence…


Several plugins stopped to wrok after update on this error:

Error Type: <type 'exceptions.ImportError'> Error Contents: No module named simplejson


Please open a new thread as the news announcement is not for troubleshooting
And read https://osmc.tv/wiki/general/how-to-submit-a-useful-support-request on how to report your issue


Start a new thread. Provide a more verbose description of the problem and complete set of logs of you need support.


Very impressed right off the bat. Network performance is night and day. All my videos are on drives (internal and USB) on a Windows desktop; with OSMC Jarvis, they would take ages to start when I hit play, and skipping around in them would take ages – like you’d try to skip back 10 seconds to hear a line you missed, and it would take 30 seconds to actually do it. Now it’s all instantaneous.

Plus I can use my preferred skin (Arctic Zephyr) now.

Great job.


Did you try out UPNP yet? Gives nearly the same functionality as airplay and clients are available for nearly all devices. It’s fully supported by Kodi and works great.


I’m getting an OSMC Update Error: Unable to connect to the Update servers. Please try again later.

Just checking to see if it was an issue just on my end? Thank you.


Seems okay here. Does running apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade manually work?


I did a manual apt-get dist-upgade and it worked just fine.
Some minor tweaks to the settings and everything was working fine. The PVR recording list feels faster than with 16. (Using the Estuary Skin on an RPI2)