Kodi Krypton for OSMC is now available


Re-scanning a large MySQL music library (Kodi asked me to after the upgrade when I went to play a track) was taking over 10 minutes per 1%. If you don’t want to wait that long and don’t mind scrapping your current database, scanning the items on a fresh database is much quicker, more like 1% every 2 minutes for me.


This suggests your old database might have been corrupted or in bad shape. With MySQL a quick mysqlchk and optimise on tables can help


It’s pretty slow anyway as it runs on a Qnap TS-212 ARM NAS. I already ran the check before. I’m assuming because there was already a lot of data it was taking time to query the existing rows. Perhaps it will slow down as it fills up more. Hopefully the database schema uses indexing too…


I don’t know the schema in great detail, but I find mysql processlist is a great way to check for slow queries. You can also enable the slow query log in my.cnf.

We are digressing a bit however! It may be worth us working on some documentation for maintaining a MySQL database for Kodi, debugging issues and ensuring good performance.



Small bug: Controlling audio (volume up / down / mute/ unmute) does not work when using wireless keyboard (type: https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/keyboards/all-in-one-media-keyboard/n9z-00001). Works fine from webinterface.


I don’t have this keyboard.

Can you start a new thread with a Kodi debug log? It may provide some clues.


did the update last night, and everything is fine, except my remote control (August PCR500 with keyboard on the back) no longer works ?? any ideas ??


Maybe related,
[SOLVED] My RF remote has stopped working after migration to Kodi v17


I love my Vero2 box. I’d be happy to buy a new version if anything to support this great little company and its efforts.


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Hi, something has gone seriously wrong with my update. After update I just get the sad face and nothing else happens and there is no way to get around it other than a complete Fresh Start but then it asks you to update again, and guess what? I’m back to the sad face, which has given me a sad face. What can I do?

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  2. Did you try what is explained in the Krypton FAQ? Kodi Krypton FAQ and Support

MySQL empty DB after Krypton Update
OSMC Kodi v17 (Codename Krypton) Release Upgrade Nuked My Library

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The new sidebar, I can’t find out how to get back to full screen when I get out of a movie I’m watching and want to go back into it. There are a few features that v16 offered that i cannot seem to find on krypton. Idc about speed issues i just want to find all the features. Is there a new feature guide or user guide anywhere?


@Anthony_Wilson > https://kodi.tv/


Has resume functionality been removed or is there a bug?
I am using mythtv pvr and before update it saved the place when I stopped viewing the recording and then when I started to view same recording it asked should it resume from previous place. Now after the krypton update it always starts recordings from begining.


I haven’t been on the forums for a while, so TBH the update was a bit of a surprise. I did find myself grumbling slightly when the new interface booted up and things had changed, but that’s just human nature I guess. I’m in my 50s and I’ve seen so many interface changes on Windows, Linux, Raspbmc etc, it’s just progress. Down to the nitty-gritty though, does it still play my vids & music? Yes. Any performance issues? None I could see. Sadly the spectrum visualisation is now well and truly gone, which has made my 13 yr old daughter decide not to update because she likes it.

I’d like to take slight issue with the comment way back about if you’re not familier with the CLI, why are you using kodi. My wife uses it to watch the US programs I download for her and she’s a right Luddite. She still hasn’t got her head round the idea that the videos she is watching are not actually “on” the Pi, but are on a network share hosted on a linux box in the garage- see, her eyes have glazed over already.

Looks ok to me. All working nicely here on a Pi2.


Thank you.

We tend to get posts when things go wrong, but not when people are happy with things.