Kodi Krypton for OSMC is now available


I started the update and it’s taking a LONG time with a message that Add-on migration is in progress. Been on that message for more than an hour. This is on an rpi 2. So I came to the forums to see if that’s normal. I don’t see anything addressing that specifically but maybe I missed it. I’m a little nervous reading the posts on performance. If the add-on migration ever finishes I’ll report back.


Migration should be done. This was mentioned quite often as it happened to a number of people.

I would ssh in and reboot now. Or, take the risky approach and pull power now.

How long should it take to migrate add-ons?

Hi, thanks for the job, some great improvements and new options !
Some small issues like skin’s personal settings that sometimes disapears but I’m sure it will be fixed soon!
Thanks again for your work !


Hi @Xavman – thanks for the kind words. We will indeed resolve the loss of settings shortly.



I have been off for Kodi and OSMC for a while:

Does kodi 17 have Airplay support? Seems like the WIKI @kodi havent been updated since feb 2016.



Nothing has changed.


Audio works since Kodi 16, for video and pictures you need to have a device with iOS <= 8.


I’m graphic designer since 15 years now, also i’m behance portfolio review owner in my contry and i can say that this is the worse skin update that i never see. Before you have a super cool and clean ui, now it looks like another amateur kodi skin for 15 years old kids. My wife and two children dont understand how it works, the background image change it is confusing to them, some very good shorcuts are disapear. I now that you were working 11 months with comunity, but most of user have a lot of things to do to stay tunned on your forums, we have a work to do and family, olny youngh people can be tunned, you made skin with them and the result is that, an skin for few guys. Please, consider change the style and back to clean style as soon as posible or most of users will change to cleaner style or another distribution. I use before another more light to rpi, but i change because this skin were most family friendly. One more thing, the comunity have no the true, the profesionals must have the power of the final decisions, and better without any amateur opinion. Cheers


Which skin are you talking about?

We listened to community feedback for almost a year, why was none of this mentioned before then?

There are many other skins to choose from, but without you even telling us which skin you’re talking about, it’s hard to give any insight.

Please try and be more specific.

Our skin was designed by a professional graphic designer.

You haven’t actually described what you’d improve rather than use superlatives. As you’re a graphic designer, please relay some constructive feedback so we can improve things.

We don’t expect to please everyone, but we go for a majority. More people are using the OSMC skin than ever, which suggests we’re on the right path. I’d appreciate your feedback to make the skin even better.

We haven’t seen this, but are you aware that you can use another skin under OSMC? No one is forcing you to use the new skin.



Wow, Naz is too nice.

Where is your Kodi skin then, m2k? Let’s compare.

Truth is, for all your BS about being a “perfessional dizeigner”, I doubt you could produce anything close to the quality of the work you are insulting. And I don’t want to hear more blather about your made up qualifications and experience.

This is open source, bub. Put up, or pike out.


the user forgot there is the nifty “kewl” feature all the cool kids are using today called change skin… but i digress :slight_smile:


Sure Sam

I always use standar OSMC skin, with any changes, before use OSMV i use Openelec with confluence skin and also try some skins like Boxee (copy) or Amber. Most of them, Confluence, Kodi, Amber are skins for very youngh people, that they are searching something like big impact images.

I read some critics on many post on a simple search, back to clean style, no more detailed explanation, The skin name is simply OSMC Skin, i made no changes, just an update and it changes, i try to found the old, but looks like there is no compatible.

Sure, just look this image of another post:


The background image is like noise over the text and images, plain color, empower the text, you can add something more than a plain color, but very soft color variations and no image with noise, maybe like ubuntu background.

Also when you select a movie or something else, background still change as another kodi skins, more noise, and very worse idea if you are just searching a movie in a list.

The UI experience is frustrating, i not able to find gentles, before i just can se them in two clicks. Also the list are very usefull when you have a lot of movies, more list and less cover. The cover is the accesory, no the main subject.

The text are now more spacing, don`t look very nice, have something strange.

The last year, you made this post

with a new look and feel, this looks nice, clean, simply and easy to understand. But there is nothing similar.

Well, on design, is very important the target audiences, clean skin is nice (ejem, for wife as AndesG says on post), also for kids, and people for more than 30+ years. The question is not if you are on the right way with the feedback of your comunity, the real question is if you are on right way with you target audience. My answer is NO, you are change audience from 30+ to 15+, and they also have a lot of impact skins.

I thing the design team was working very very good, until this update.

Sure, also i can use Apple TV or Boxee, or something similar, but i want try help, just because you were doing very well so far.


Graphic designer is not UX designer, and if you can read better you can see that i just compare the old skin that was very nice with new, i want help because i now what i was talking about. I dont post another problems with osmc, like lag, problems with mkv, or something like that because i have no idea what i`m talking about and thats because i write my career.

Anyway you are rigth [quote=“Karnage, post:119, topic:22057”]
Put up, or pike out


It sounds like your main issues are:

  • Background is not a solid colour
  • No second menu from Home screen?

Maybe we can do something about this in the future, but I repeat that we can’t please everyone. We try and please the majority of users however, and more users seem to like the new skin over the old.



So let me summarize a skin that is changeable is a deal breaker ?


Indeed: switching to another distribution won’t help, because you will have the same number of skins available.


I just updated to new OSMC after I haven’t for quite some time… and I was shocked about the new UI. First I thought something wen’t wrong with the update. Then I realized that’s just really what it looks like… and this is probably not created by the same person(s) that created the first one?

why would you go for blue playback control overlays?!? it looks like MS DOS or something… main menu is fine, would like the option to disable background image though, or use my own one.

is it possible to change font size? also because of the colors some text (especially disabled) is really hard to read :confused:


There are several posts on where background images are stored in new OSMC skin.



Is not about blacground or second shorcut, it is about the feeling to back to skins like confluence.

Think about how a user can be lost in same sistem after upgrade. This is the worse thing on ux changes.

And thing who is your future target audience. This is the main questions, not about colors, images or type cuestions.

Also is apreciated your support on forums, and consider again, at least, add previous skin as optional. Finally, designers must answer general questions. The main question to me is that this skin is a step behind on it.



The developer for the old skin is gone afaik. And it is not compatible with Kodi Krypton unfortunately.