Kodi Krypton for OSMC is now available


Is it some simple way to return my customized environment?


The new designers must try to imitate. What is her/his name? I will try to follow, he/she really do a good work.


I don’t think anyone MUST do anything…
Everyone bringing you this distribution is working on it in his free time and unpaid.

You can suggest things but you cannot persue someone to do things he/she doesn’t like.

Edit: As there doesn’t seem to be any other Kodi skin you like, you might also want to use some of your freetime learning how to do skinning for kodi to help others in the same situation like you.
Learn, create, share.


That is the usual, free and unpaid, since osmc is selling Vero, i hope that it will be more profesional. I will like the name of previous skin maker, like a profesional.

also, i`m not UX design, i can not help to create skins, i just can help in concept creation, if yo have not a profesional UX designer, you try to create a design team with a develop computer code experienced man to help them, the code under the service of design. Finally, osmc have a super cool concept design on the post of 2016, you just try to make create it.


I’m not going to address every point individually, but to give some feedback on the decisions that we’ve made regarding the skin.

We’re aware that the new backgrounds haven’t pleased everyone. The choice of using water images is to fit in with OSMC’s branding. To ensure readability of text we have a halftone image on top of that - the black-to-blue gradient. The upcoming update to the skin adds the ability to choose your own image instead of the water image.

The blue color we use throughout the skin is similarly a part of the OSMC branding. We use a single color for a number of elements, and having a color - rather than the black that was used in the previous incarnation - is particularly useful for highlighting notifications that appear and making it clear where the currently selected item is. The upcoming update to the skin adds the ability to choose a different colour for these elements. We’ve also made some minor adjustments to some text colours to try to improve readability, and will continue to review this.

One regular complaint of the previous incarnation of the skin was that it wasn’t always clear which item was selected when browsing media. We’ve taken a few steps to address this, one of which is to ensure we display the fanart in the background when available to give an extra visual cue as to what item is selected. I’m quite happy to add a toggle to disable fanart - if Sam will let me sneak it in before the next update hits :wink:

It’s also worth saying that for many people the cover image is an important part of how they browse their media, aping in some respects the experience of browsing your dvd collection on its shelf. However we make a list view available in all views but the home screen widgets, which can be selected from the left-hand menu.

The update to the layout of the homescreen was the result of a lot of internal discussion. Moving the submenu’s to the left was done to reduce clutter, improve navigation (left for submenu, right for widgets) and to provide more visual consistency (so now submenu’s, context menu’s, view options all appear here in the same fashion.) The choice of the spacing and size of the main menu items - as with all elements of the skin - is something we will continue to review based on all the feedback we recieve.

We do read all feedback and will continue to refine the skin going forward. However, its impossible to please everyone all of the time which is why there are so many different skins available for Kodi.


If you’re serious about helping us in concept creation then please submit your ideas :slight_smile: You can contact me directly via PM, or make a new post with any ideas that you have. It’s worth saying - and our graphics designer, @simonbrunton, will confirm, that concepts won’t necessarily be included in the actual skin. Sometimes ideas are simply unworkable due to the limitations of the skinning engine, sometimes ideas are unworkable due to UX or other - even something as simple as navigation - concerns. Some simply don’t fit in with the vision of the skin. But concepts are considered, elements such as implementation, practicality and suitability considered, and where possible we’ll look at creating a practical implementation based on them.

I don’t know how you prefer to work, but concepts can range from a general idea via mockups through to a full blown presentation of what you envisage. OSMC is an open source product, and the team is made up of people who want to contribute to this project for the good of open source software.

You’ve identified a number of areas where you believe we can be doing better, so feel free to let me know of specific ideas you have for improvement. If it interests you, one area we would love to improve is the media info dialogs (the dialog you see when you select ‘Show Information’ from the context menu). We’d also love to create a new view for browsing your media specifically for the OSMC skin.

I’d be happy to discuss these, or any other areas you feel you would like to get involved in the design of the skin, with you in more detail.


Finally, to be honest, OSMC is still the best kodi modification far away, i think that the design is a step back, but still is a the best skin. And, while you are honest asking me help, i will send you a lot of concept ideas, not like something that you must do, but yes like an braindstorming to judge the design team. Im no able to made skins, in not UX i i have no idea to made code and i dont wanna do, its no my skill. But ideas can be usefull for yours. I`m busy now, but i will made they on illustrator and send you, also i will try to made a positive feedback. All of them will new current skin, i have no idea if you are testing something new.



I updated to the latest version yesterday and I really like the changes made to UI! It’s a very clean and simple look again.

Especially customization of background image and UI overlay background color is awesome :slight_smile: Immediately switched back to dark gray. Would be great if that would change the menu gradient overlay color as well, but I can definitely live with that :wink:

Thanks for all the work that was put into it, and thanks for listening to my feedback (@sam_nazarko)… looking forward to future updates!