Kodi not stable on Pi 1


I am suffering from a weird issue. When debugging is not on, kodi runs not stable (it locks up after playing a movie, or even after doing nothing for a day or so). However, when debugging is on, everything stays stable (it has been stable for more than 4 days, I turn of debugging and immediately the problems begin: thumbnails of movies are not shown anymore, GUI becomes very slow, until it eventually locks up.

I do use the TV remote (CEC related?)

How can I find out what is wrong?


get yourself a pi2 or pi3 much better experience pi1 is very very very very slow. so much so I have given mine away

Well I need to revise my opening statement: it does not work OK when debug is on either. Played 2 movies, waited a day, and the thumbnails start to disappear.

Here is the log, if anyone can give me a suggestion? I like my little Pi 1, so would like to get it running on this one.

Log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10323803/kodi.log


Provide full logs via grab-logs -A

Scrap that, just saw you have 669M log files. How long time didn’t you reboot?
Suggest you reboot twice and the after a few minutes upload logs with grab-logs -A

Your issue seems to be NFS performance related. Check these threads

About 2 or 3 days I think since last reboot. Thing is that at first everything runs seemingly fine. I will reboot twice, start a movie, and when the movie finished playing I will upload the log, would that be of any help?

As I wrote I guess your issue if NFS related. You might want to test copy the movie to a USB stick and play from there to check if that works without issue.
But uploading the full log after two restarts would at least help to see the entire picture.

So a new log. I rebooted twice, started playing 1 movie and then let it sit idle for a couple of hours, then stopped kodi.

Log can be found at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10323803/kodi.log

grab-logs -A failed: Documentexceedsmaximumlength

I will see how i can have NFS mount at OSMC level instead of at kodi level (and using UDP) and try that.

Thanks for having a look at it.

Let’s see how it goes as the log still indicates buffer issues which I believe comes from NFS

So I mounted the NFS share at system level. rebooted twice, and started playing a movie. After about 20 minutes, playback froze.

Here are the logs http://paste.osmc.io/zexakawipo

What do all these CMMALRenderer messages mean?

Fyi, I mounted the NFS share with the following options in etc/fstab /mnt/syno_video nfs nfsvers=3,defaults,rsize=8092,wsize=8092,udp,nolock,x-systemd.automount,noauto 0 0



No more suggestions I can try?