Kodi sad face crash on updating TVShows

Since the last patch (), Kodi crashes with a sad face when updating the database. “Movies” is working, it crashes somewhere in the middle of updating “TVShows” (tvdb parser).


Did you add new content to the library recently?


Yes, in fact I replaced one episode of a show with a file of better quality this morning.

Also, I found this in the log, but I am unaware of its importance:

Aug 02 14:16:06 osmc mediacenter[444]: /usr/bin/mediacenter: line 208:   592 Segmentation fault      sudo -u osmc MALLOC_MMAP_THRESHOLD_=8192 LIRC_SOCKET_PATH=/var/run/lirc/lircd $KODI --standalone -fs
Aug 02 14:16:06 osmc mediacenter[444]: Kodi exited with return code 139 after 0 hours, 1 minutes and 40 seconds

This means that Kodi is crashing.
This could be because of a problematic file.


Oh man, even mediainfo is crashing on that file. On the other hand, it plays wonderfully in vlc. Crap. Instead of an episode with better quality, I don’t have any episode at all.

Is there any chance on finding out which file is causing the crash?

It can be tricky, but looks like you found it with MediaInfo. You can try remuxing it

Yes, I found one, removed it, and Kodi is still crashing, so I assume there is maybe one more.

Can a broken comment cause a crash?

Comment                                  : Fernsehfilm Deutschland 2015 An der Kieler Förde wird eine verwirrte Frau aufgefunden. Ihre Ã

You could try using MKVToolNix to fix the headers and remux (you won’t loose any quality doing this) to confirm if that fixes it.

Hey bmillham, thanks alot. I have a couple thousand movie files. With which one should I begin?

Start with one where you know it’s crashing. It must be one you added lately.

I removed the file where I knew it was crashing. Now Kodi crashes, and I don’t know on which file. How can I find on which file Kodi is crashing?

Usually the easiest way is to divide the folder in to two folders.
One folder will crash, one won’t. Then you divide the crashing folder in to two. Eventually you will find the culprit.

Mine is suddenly doing the same thing when updating the library today too https://paste.osmc.tv/lagoluburo

When does it crash, when scraping Movies and/or TVShows? Which scraper do you use for TVShows?

@Zooicidal in your case, it appears to be:

2019-08-02 11:25:56.893 T:3787436768   ERROR: Open - error probing input format, smb:// Episodes/Krypton 2018/Krypton.S02E08.1080p.WEB.x264-TBS/krypton.s02e08.1080p.web.x264-tbs.rar

I know in the past that some rars caused problems.

@jan.stuehler in your first log, it appears to have been this file:

2019-08-02 14:15:34.470 T:3928474336   DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Found episode match /mnt/TVShows/Tatort/Tatort_1099_s2019e22.avi (s2019e22) [s([0-9]+)[ ._x-]*e([0-9]+(?:(?:[a-i]|\.[1-9])(?![0-9]))?)([^\\/]*)$]

OK, that was a good find. The file you mentioned works wonderfully in mediainfo and vlc, but the file before that in the naming scheme (Tatort_1098_s2019e21.avi) does not respond to ‘mediainfo’.

Check that one in MKVToolNix. I can’t try this myself right now, but I will try later when I get a chance.