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5 years from when?

Date of purchase or date of initial release (which was how many years ago) or some other date?

I assume when the 4k or 4k+ was released

The Vero 4K+ was released in July 2018. So the 5 years of guaranteed software updates would start from then.

I would think from the time the last Vero 4K or 4K+ is sold, then the 5 years start, would otherwise be quite cruel for the latest buyer.

Vero 1 support has been dropped from the beginning of Kodi 18 and I would think that the Vero 2 is still in support from what I read.

The Vero 2 is end of life now, but we’ll keep images online.

Vero 4K/4K+ will have an extended support timeframe beyond the original five years, because of commercial customers.

There’s no reason why we can’t support these devices for a long time yet.



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How can I install KODI v19 on RPi4. I tried using the osmc_installer, but it gives me options only for RPi2/3 to select.

Choose ‘local image’ and pick the Pi 4 image from the test thread.

can you send me the link for test thread, sorry new to osmc channel.


Didn’t you just wrote in another thread that you already installed OSMC on the Pi4?

Yes I had removed that, apologies. I installed on pi4 the test version and my hdd is not automounting and transmission only allows me to write to add card on pic but not the hdd. Hdd is powered externally. It gives permission denied on transmission

Try making a softlink:

ln -s /media/automountedhdd/folder /home/osmc/tmdownload

In transmission try set /home/osmc/tmdownload as download folder.

make sure you change the first path to reflect your system, the second patg is in osmc homefolder, call it tmdownload or what ever you want, make the softlink as osmc-user and make sure the other path is somewhere in osmc homefolder.

That worked for me

Are both of you using the PfK add-on or do you have a way of running a real Plex client under OSMC on this platform? I currently run PfK on my Vero4K+, but it’s not without glitchiness. I do use it for 3D-MVC as well and that might add to the complexity, but it would be awesome to have alternate ways of doing it!

I tested it with Plex for Kodi and Composite a while back and they seemed to be working alright. I didn’t test PKC. Running a Plex client outside of Kodi using OSMC isn’t something that would be possible now, and most likely ever. I’m not sure what exactly you mean by a “real” plex client as the Kodi add-on does everything the web client does and since the Windows App has been phased out that is all that exists outside of the mobile apps. I don’t have a clue about 3D as I don’t own a capable display.

By “real Plex client” I mean one that uses Plex natively as the player instead of Kodi. Not suggesting it’s better as a player, but maybe it would help with things like progress syncing etc that sometimes is a bit buggy, IME. There used to be a way (perhaps still is) to build a Raspbian client in place on a Pi for a native client. I never tried it though.

“Windows app has been phased out”? Not sure what you mean by that.

For me, 3D is the only reason I use any client or players other than my Shield/Roku ultras etc. They are resonably cheap, reliable and just work. Passthrough audio, 4K, Atmos HDR etc. I can do EVERYTHING a Vero4K+ can do plus all my commercial services EXCEPT 3D-MVC. 3D-MVC can of course be consumed on OSMC or LE on a Pi3 currently, but those are one-trick ponies: a box that I do nothing with other than watch 3D-MVC. It seems like LE is looking to add 3D-MVC support to the Pi4 eventually, but it seems OSMC has no interest in doing it based on recent posts. That means only the Vero4K+ can handle 3D-MVC AND 4K at this point without going to a proprietary box like Popcorn Time which I prefer not to do because those can’t connect/sync to a Plex server which is where I store all my media, even for my Vero.

I get that real 3D is a niche thing right now and I could play half-res 3D all day on ANY player I have on one of my three 3D-TV’s. but I want the full experience so here I am! LOL

That’s not correct.

Both LE and OSMC rely on Pi developers to implement support upstream. So if it works on LE, it will work on OSMC.

Perhaps I misunderstood this comment in another thread:

So I don’t know the answer then. It seems it can be one of the following:

A) OSMC will never support 3D-MVC on the Pi4. Period.

B) OSMC will support 3D-MVC if the Pi Foundation implements the functionality that the Pi4 does/will have, but has not yet actually completed this yet so it can’t yet be implemented in OSMC until that happens, but it will if they do their part.

C) We copy whatever LE does.

D) Why the hell do you care about 3D anyway? Drink a case of beer and everything will be in 3D if that’s what you want!!!

The V4L2-M2M specification does cover 3D MVC, however there is no implementation for this on any devices.

The Raspberry Pi foundation would be expected to implement this functionality in their ffmpeg and kernel. If they do so, both LE and OSMC would support this as we both base our kernel and ffmpeg off these upstream sources provided by the Pi foundation.

But currently, as it stands, MVC isn’t supported on Pi and they have much higher priorities on the list, like getting some deinterlacing support, as watching Live TV is unusable and is more requested than 3D MVC playback.

We will make sure that 3D MVC stays working in the Vero device.



I don’t think Plex has ever had their own playback solution on any platform. AFAIK every Plex client uses the media playing capabilities of whatever it is sitting on which, in the case of OSMC, is Kodi.

They did have an app that I installed on my Samsung TV , which played files served by a Plex Media Server (PMS) app running on my Synology NAS. They also had (for a while) an “embedded” Plex media client that installed on x86 hardware (like OpenELEC and LibreELEC), as well as a Windows app that also played files served by PMS (which could be installed on the same PC as the Plex player app, or on a NAS or other network available device). Edit: Once I found XBMC/Kodi and some its variants I never went back to Plex. Kodi/LibreELEC/OSMC are so much lighter and easier to use/maintain IMHO…