Kodi v19 Matrix is here. Here's what you need to know - OSMC

Due to changes in Kodi there is no more OMX or MMAL support for the RPi. There is new hardware support, but as Sam just stated, their is currently no deinterlacing support in that hardware decoder. With progressive sources my RPi 3 seems to play without issue. My RPi 4 plays the same, but it is a bit faster in the UI, and it adds the ability to play 4K HEVC and do HD audio passthrough. If someone was planning on purchasing a new RPi I can’t think of any advantage to purchasing an older model. If someone was in need of playing progressive sources they would, in my opinion, as of right now, be better off sticking with Kodi 18 or purchasing a Vero.

The only thing worth mentioning here is that HD audio won’t happen until we do a Debian Bullseye (11) release as we need a newer version of libasound. The current Debian Buster (10) version is too old.

I suspect that’s a bit over a year away.

MMAL is still used / supported on these devices, but the V4L2 interface is the direct API used via Kodi. V4L2 is a shim around MMAL.


My Vero box tells me it is no longer supported and consequently I can’t update Kofi. Can you confirm that this is the case?


We need more info to provide an answer. There have been 4 iterations of the Vero. Which one do you have? If it’s a Vero4k or Vero4k+, we’re going to need to see logs or possibly just a screenshot of this (notification?) to understand what you are describing.

@paulwebster by saying keeping things in step you mean syncing watch status between 18 and 19 instead of using mysql you could use the service plugin I wrote at GitHub - watchedsyncforkodi/service.watchedsync: Real-time watched status video library synchronisation between multiple kodi devices

A Kodi 19 version is in the works (waiting for 19.1 to be issued)

Hi Terence,

My understanding is that you have a Vero 2.
Support for this device is now end of life.

It will stay working and you will be able to download images from osmc.tv/download for the foreseeable future, but there is no planned update to Kodi v19 for this device.


Apart from the Vero 4K is one to which I could upgrade?


The Vero 4K + is the latest model to upgrade to.
There is no immediate need to do so – if your device is still working and doing what you want, then you should just keep using it.



I took a quick look (not installed yet)
Is there a distinct thread on this where I can ask a few questions rather than using this Kodi 19 thread?

Been a long time here, is V19 kodi matrix available for vero 4K yet?

We are already testing it internally. We will make some public test builds available very shortly.


ok good to know, thank you Sam !

Will Kodi 19 bring Dolby Vision MKV support to OSMC Vero 4K player?

No, osmc will probably never support Dolby vision because for that to happen they would need to lock down the device wich goes against the open source philosophy

IMO, you should operate on the assumption that the Vero 4K(+) will never support Dolby Vision in any form.

Kodi 19.1 released

Indeed, and that has been made available for testing.

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Perfekt. That means OSMC is leaving public beta phase for RP4 and become official via Pinn?:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes - but we have never supported PINN.