[kodi19/rpi4] Cannot configure hifiberry dacplus


I installed the August 2021 release of osmc on my rpi4 and as always followed this guide to configure my Hifiberry DAC+: https://www.hifiberry.com/build/guides/enabling-hifiberries-in-osmc/

However after choosing my soundcard in “My osmc” and rebooting, I do not have an ALSA option in “system > audio”.

Am I missing something or does the hifiberry DAC+ no longer work with osmc? I saw the note about GPIO remote support with default pins being incompatible with HiFiBerry, bot don’t quite understand what it means.

Thanks in advance

Check this thread, you need to remove -overlay from the config-user.txt entry

Thank you so much. That resolves it. Can’t believe I did not find that thread myself :slight_smile: