Late change resolution on anime

Hi, I have started to watch some animes (jap + subs) on 720p and also 1080p and have a weird behavior. Mkv starts to play ok and after some seconds (like 4 or 5) I get black screen and then continous all perfect. Seems I lose like 1 sec of the video while doing it.

I uploaded a log just after reboot Vero 4k and seems it’s a change of resolution. Shouldn’t it do it at beggining as it does on 4k movies?

Log is:

It doesn’t happen with other mkv from US tv series, only noticed it on two animes. It’s not an important problem but seems weird when all works perfect on Vero 4k+.


Is Adjust Refresh Rate set to Always or on Start / Stop

I watch a lot of Jap anime and I have Adjust Refresh Rate to Always and I see the black screen happen as well (same as OP) which I see as normal behavior for videos like this as I see this happen in other content as well as I see it kodi setting itself up accordingly to the source resolution and refresh rate.

I’d recommend changing to Start / Stop and seeing if this still causes an issue.


Hi, I had it on always, changed to start/stop and same problem. I send you a private message with link for a mkv if wanna try if have same behavior.

That’s nothing really new or a bug happens on a lot of funny encoded videos or videos with funny specs. I see that a lot on YouTube videos or twitch streams.

Video starts playing plays for 5 sec screen goes dark for 1 sec than comes back and plays normally till the end

Will try to find an example

I reported the same issue here:

The problem here is that the hints (from the container don’t match the source video).
Not much we can do here really – unless we choose to ignore any container framerates


Since I said I’ll look for an example I just did… Watching If stream is 60.00 fps according to the info provided by menu displayed if you click the 3 line button during playback the stream will start playing and won’t go black. However if the stream is 59.940 fps the stream will start playing play for 3 sec go black for one sec and then come back and play fine until you decide to quit.