Latest OSMC install can't play widevine

I have recently installed OSMC ver 19.4 on Pi 4b and Pi3b using the installer but both setups won’t play any Widevine videos.
Have been using OSMC 19.1 previously and no problems.
Have installed latest Widevine CDM, version 4.10.2449.0, inputstream helper is 0.5.10+matrix
1, inputstream adaptive is 19.0.3.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

This is a guide, or rather a script to prep the system for widevine.

I’ve had reports on github that it might not be working properly, but haven’t had time to dive into it.

ps. forgot the link [How to] Get libwidevine working in OSMC kodi 18 & 19?(Netflix, Disney+