Latest VERO4K May release broken Remote IR Mapping for XBOX ONE / 360 Remotes

Kindly pointing out that after the latest VERO4K May release IR mapping feature broken and it’s not working anymore. I got 2x VERO4K devices on this setup and both stop working after the May upgrade.

I have done this setup as per below post…

I have manually restarted the VERO4K and TV both and also redid the above steps again to make sure it’s related to setting retention issue but no luck getting it to work.

Any steps how I can rollback to previous version until this issue fixed? Also let me know know what you need from me to identify and fix this issue as others who using the same setup will report this soon…

For now I am back to CEC without the context menu…

Please let me know when a fix expected for this…

Hi Dann,

I believe this is already being looked at (same issue as reported by other users)
You can roll back but I’d rather we didn’t go down this route because updating will be much harder for you later.

No ETA yet unfortunately, but I’ve been working on it since this afternoon (it’s 2AM now).


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No issues @sam_nazarko. I will monitor this post for an update and will do what your team asked…

@sam_nazarko can you kindly let me know when to expect a fix for this?

Unfortunately I don’t know when we can expect a fix for this. We have been working on it for several days, but it’s not clear why this doesn’t work as expected

If IR is critical for your needs, then you may wish to downgrade by installing an older version from the website.

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This issue should now be resolved.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks @sam_nazarko. How to get the fix? Just scan and update the Vero4K or any special steps?


You just need to check for updates and install them.

Alternatively, you will be prompted soon enough when your device checks for updates, if you have automatic updates enabled

HI @sam_nazarko I have applied the fix. Now the IR interface started to work again BUT it got a huge lag time between the key presses and unfortunately not usable at all. Enter key need to be pressed many times before actual action.

Here is the debug log to help you with the lag time…

Are you using an Xbox One or Xbox 360 remote?
They are quite different.

We haven’t got an Xbox One remote to test, and I only tested with a 360 remote here and the original Vero 1 remote. So we are using a community submitted profile that may not necessarily be accurate.


I have used the XBOX 360 IR remote and same user experience. Big lag time Sam. Given I used this feature before my habit did not change.

Debug Logs:

These aren’t full logs, so hard to say, but I will test this tomorrow morning.

I assume you’ve selected the Xbox 360 Remote Profile in My OSMC instead of the Xbox One Remote?

Just so we’re on the same page, you’re using this remote?

It worked pretty well in my testing, but @DBMandrake is also testing with some remotes as we’ve been working on this for the past week.

At least we have some remote presses working as expected now.

I’ll keep you posted. Again, if IR is very critical, you may wish to downgrade until this is fully ironed out.



Thanks @sam_nazarko. If you can remember My setup is bit different as I can configure my TV to use any XBOX remote and using my TV remote to control my VERO as described in

However with more testing issue seems to be with processing IR key presses as to get the outcome it take seconds. For example I hit back button on the IR remote from the Movies menu and it took around 10 seconds to get me to movies menu and soon after I am in movies menu VERO4K executed all other key presses I did.

Please let me know anything else you want me to try…Note that via Iphone App and CEC all working smoothly and once again reason I can’t use CEC due to lack of buttons on my smart TV remote to map the Context Menu as CEC not recognizing Long PRESS keys…

I will go back to CEC for now and wait until this lag time issue fixed…Happy to do any testing as I can replicate this issue.

Also note that no problem with my IR remote as when use it with my Foxtel Box (source #1) it correctly working via IR mode.

CC @DBMandrake

We can probably fix RC6 behaviour by reverting: rc/meson-ir: we don't need to capture pulse duration. If we are decod… · osmc/vero3-linux@bb5de4d · GitHub.

But then RC5 won’t likely work at all.

@sniferx1 Are you saying that none of the key presses are dropped, they’re just delayed?

@sam_nazarko You are 100% correct. Key presses are NOT dropped and all working. BUT they are delayed by 10 to 20 seconds sometimes…

Some time you need to hit the same key multiple time to get a result as well…

Also just for my benefit when I load the IR remote via the OSMC Settings app should the “Disable RC6” ON or OFF?

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That is something else unrelated to the IR driver bug that has just been fixed. I’ve just tested my xbox 360 white media remote (looks exactly like the one in the screenshot in my osmc) and it is working perfectly on the latest update.

A few things to check:

  1. Make sure you are actually running the right kernel. From ssh:

    osmc@vero3-db:~$ cat /proc/version
    Linux version 3.14.29-21-osmc (root@vero4k) (gcc version 4.9.2 (Debian/Linaro 4.9.2-10) ) #1 SMP Sun Jun 11 20:02:40 UTC 2017

Check that you have version 3.14.29-21-osmc and that date and time matches as well.

  1. Try using the irw command to see if keypresses from the remote are being delayed or whether the problem lies in Kodi. From ssh run irw then press some buttons on the remote:

    osmc@vero3-db:~$ irw
    67 0 KEY_UP linux-input-layer
    67 1 KEY_UP linux-input-layer
    67 0 KEY_UP_UP linux-input-layer
    6a 0 KEY_RIGHT linux-input-layer
    6a 1 KEY_RIGHT linux-input-layer
    6a 0 KEY_RIGHT_UP linux-input-layer
    6c 0 KEY_DOWN linux-input-layer
    6c 1 KEY_DOWN linux-input-layer
    6c 0 KEY_DOWN_UP linux-input-layer
    69 0 KEY_LEFT linux-input-layer

You should see an event immediately when you press a button and it should keep repeating if you hold the button down. If you see this immediately but Kodi doesn’t respond until a lot later the problem is elsewhere with Kodi.

If the output from irw is delayed as well or seems very intermittent, my first guess would be some sort of light interference on the IR sensor such as from daylight or a faulty energy saving bulb - fluorescent energy saving bulbs have been known to cause flicker that can upset IR receivers, and I have had this problem before on different devices.

Try to shroud any light sources from the vero4k and test the remote again with a good line of sight, if that works then it is probably a lighting issue in the room - try turning off specific lights to find which one it is.

Another thing you could try is to plug in and use the external IR receiver dongle if you are not using it, or remove it if you are.

Finally, check the room for any other IR remotes that may have an object on top of them holding a button down - if another remote in the room is broadcasting an IR code even if it is partially obscured it can interfere with other remotes in the room. Yes I’ve had this happen too, as spare remotes sit in a box that often gets toys dumped on top of them by a 1 year old… :wink:

@DBMandrake I will do these things. However kindly note that my setup or remote didn’t change since the May Update and only change that happend was May update broke the functionality and post the fix I got the lagging.

I respect all of your points and will do double and triple checking and will post the results.

Also I got a similler setup downstairs and will apply the fix and will try that as well.

Also to eliminate all other IR and HW issues what steps I can follow on VERO4K to downgrade to April update? Any link or steps will help as I can easily isolate the code.

Again not trying to be difficult and want to get this fantastic setup up and running again as I was over the moon when I controlled all of things with just one TV remote.

@DBMandrake feedback on 3 points as below

  1. Got the correct Version

osmc@MbrVERO4K:~$ cat /proc/version
Linux version 3.14.29-21-osmc (root@vero4k) (gcc version 4.9.2 (Debian/Linaro 4.9.2-10) ) #1 SMP Sun Jun 11 20:02:40 UTC 2017

  1. I do see a delay in the logs

Then what I did was rather than my TV smart remote which is the Samsung Smart TV one. I used my other old Samsung TV stock remote (which got the profile already in OSMC Samsung) and try to use it. Then all the delays was gone and all was working fine…

So @DBMandrake @sam_nazarko it seems to be some IR changes implemented in May release have broken my working setup which listed under below post and same lagging issue preset with both of my setups. (Master Bed room setup and my Rumpus room setup)

Can you kindly let me know will you guys consider fixing this issue or will I need to look at alternative approach to satisfy my needs.

Way my setup works clearly explained in above post and details around my remote is available on above post…

We need to work out what’s broken first. Of course, once we work that out, we’ll resolve it.

There seems to be a concencus that remote support is now working as expected again.

Can you post those logs? I think perhaps you may be relying on CEC rather than IR, and this may not be working as expected for you. If you can also try powering off all devices at the mains for 10 minutes, then powering back up, this would be helpful.