Launch cmus player without terminal

I use in OSMC the cmus player and the output to a USB sound card connected to an amplifier with speakers.
To control it I use a lirc remote control, and the Yatse application for Android. The problem is that I cannot launch it without opening to an SSH terminal. Once launched there is no problem, cmus remains in a terminal screen detached.
Is it possible to launch it without having to the terminal, with the remote control or Yatse?

Check out the System.Exec command

I am wondering why you don’t do it just via Kodi and changing just the audio output of Kodi for playing music?

With Kodi I would have to turn on the TV and go to menus to make the change in the audio output, and when I want to do normal use of Kodi, go back to the menus.
Cmus allows me to listen to a random playlist just by turning on the amp and pressing a key on the Lirc remote.
I use irexec and the config file ~/.lircrc calling scripts for each of the control functions, with cmus-remote. But the cmus startup script only runs when a terminal is open.


cad=$(screen -list | grep musica)

if [ -z "$cad" ]; then
  screen -dmSL musica cmus --listen $sock
        cmus-remote --server $sock -n

I suspect this may be because cmus uses the ncurse GUI.

Already solved. The problem is that osmc does not have any open session at startup. So irexec or even user services, like rtorrent, don’t work. For them to work you have to activate user linger:

loginctl enable-linger osmc

‘loginctl show-user osmc’ will return a Linger=yes