Leia/18: missing game emulator cores?

Hi guys,

I successfully upgraded to Leia/18 via the official April upgrade and it seems to be flawless so far. Awesome job by everyone involved!

Of course I had to dive into the whole new gaming features right away, hoping to make my RetroPie obsolete :smirk: After I finally figured out how to add (i.e. activate under “My add-ons”!) emulator cores, I wondered why the list of cores isn’t fully available on the Vero 4K. At first I thought this is due to missing VFS support of some cores but Scumm VM proved that this was a red herring.

So, why are some cores (like Amiga or PlayStation) missing? How to add them?


Hi, and thanks for the link. I had read the thread already. So you say that all the missing ones are still “incompatible”. Can you shed some light on in which way they are incompatible? With OSMC or some of the platforms used? I mean, retroplayer itself should support them as the Kodi wiki lists them all as “done”, right?

What am I missing?

Does not compile so they are left out due to code not working

Hm, ok. Strange that Kodi flagged them as “done” then. Also, having a look at the xmbc-nightly PPA I can see that, for instance, kodi-game-libretro-pcsx-rearmed can be compiled for Linux. That’s why I’m wondering where that incompatibility is rooted exactly. Upstream or at OSMC? Any differences across the OSMC platforms?

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there is a huge code differance just because something is done in the kodi repo doesnt mean that its working as intended for OSMC

Ah, ok, I see. So we should see more and more cores over time then :+1:

Keep up the great work!

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everyone is working on it so feel free to try the current ones and see what you can get working or not and report back on the thread

Will do!

There are issues with some core needing OpenGL, while rpi/vero only supports GLes.

Could someone tell me how to do this please? Just read a few guides on gaming in kodi and they all assume you see emulators here, I don’t. I understand not all cores are present on Vero but I don’t see any at all?

Emulators are already installed, just need enabling:

Settings, Add-on browser, My add-ons, Game add-ons, Emulators

Select the one you, Enable and then configure as required.

Thanks Tom.

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Brilliant, never looked there. Thanks!

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no Emulators are pre-installed with OSMC 2023.06-1 on vero4k+, also none shown that could be installed. something broken with my install?


Don’t know with out logs. Maybe better to create a new topic as well.

Regards Tom.

Thanks. AFAIK it is normal and something can be done with the precompiled emulators in this repo: GitHub - zach-morris/kodi_libretro_buildbot_game_addons: Create Kodi Game Addons from the Libretro Buildbot Binary Files