Library not finding specific file

My setup works fine 99% of the time. Recently 2 snatched movies that showed as:

Movie A (0) instead of Movie A (2016) in my download folder. The library did not update so I went in and changed the filename to Movie A (2016). This reflects all the other filenames now and is found the movie database but doesnt show when library updates.

The permissions and naming all look the same to me but there is no fanart or tbn file - I guess OSMC creates these when it finds the file in the movie database.

Where can I find the logs to see what is going on?

Are you sure it’s the right year? Look up the movie here and check the name and year are correct.

Yeh, I checked on there and its showing fine, named as per and its a simple one word name so difficult to get wrong.

I have found the log uploader but unsure what piece to tick. I clicked all which is pretty big and then searched for the movie name and it doesnt seem to be searching at all for it

So after some more digging I have found 2 titles of ‘None’ in my library, these represent the movies I am after and if I play them they are the right movies, but they are listed with no artwork and with the title ‘None’.

If it’s not a problem in the naming of the files then you should take this up with the Kodi developers. This will not be an OSMC issue unless you provide logs proving otherwise.

Depending on the skin you’re using, there should be a ‘Refresh’ option in the movies info dialog (‘i’ key, ‘Information’ from the context menu) which will allow you to update the database with the correct movie information. The only time I’ve come across this previously is when there was an incorrect/incomplete .nfo file alongside the movie.

I can link the logs here but they dont seem to show that it is even seeing the file. I dont know which log this would be contained in. I would have thought it would be something like: library.update - file 1: already processed, file 2 - not processed, searching, found, file 3, not processed, searching, not found…

Bob - Thanks; how would I see about the NFO file completeness?

You’d look at any .nfo file that may be alongside the movie, and have a read of the Kodi wiki.

Thanks BobCrachett - For some reason my NFO files have been near empty on a couple of recent movies (see below). Unsure the root cause of this though…

> <?xml version="1.0" ?>
> <movie>
>   <title>None</title>
>   <id>tt1679335</id>
>   <runtime>0 min</runtime>
>   <mpaa>Rated None</mpaa>
>   <fanart/>
>   <banner/>
>   <discart/>
>   <logo/>
>   <clearart/>
>   <landscape/>
>   <extrathumb/>
>   <extrafanart/>
>   <fileinfo>
>     <streamdetails>
>       <video>
>         <codec>XVID</codec>
>         <aspect>2.37</aspect>
>         <width>720</width>
>         <height>304</height>
>       </video>
>       <audio>
>         <codec>AC3</codec>
>         <channels>6</channels>
>       </audio>
>     </streamdetails>
>   </fileinfo>
> </movie>
  1. First, you need to update your installation.
    23:12:34 16.129435 T:1956864944 NOTICE: Running on Open Source Media Center 2016.07-1, kernel: Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.4.16-1-osmc

  2. Next, the logs are not displaying the scraper processing because you have not enabled debug logging, so this is expected.

  3. Your system is completely inundated with 3rd party addons whose only purpose are to bypass copyright and have shown in the past to undoubtedly cause odd system behaviors or instabilities. Until you prove that a clean Kodi install exhibits this behavior and logs indicate that it’s due to OSMC, we can continue here. Again, take this up with Kodi.

We have removed your thread from public viewing because it discusses a pirate addon, repo, or website. We cannot provide support for them and will allow them no consideration on our forums. To get a better idea of our piracy policy, please see this link here FAQ - OSMC Forums You are welcome to edit your post and request for it to be re-listed at anytime.

It could be a scraper issue.

Can you give us the name of the file you scraped?
Also worth mentioning which scraper you are using. MovieDB and IMDB can give slightly different results I believe.

ActionA - Thanks for your useful observations. In response

  1. I dont want to update when I have a stable build as I have updated in the past and then had everything fall over, getting the settings right has taken me a fair while to begin with.

  2. Thanks, any guidance on how to enable debug logging so I can get over this and provide logs that will show this as either KODI or OSMC?

  3. What addons do you refer to?

We can’t mention those add-ons here, as they are not legal. We can see they are being used in the logs, but we can’t provide support for them.

If you can replicate the issue with a local file, please post the filename and we may be able to identify the issue, but this is unlikely to be an OSMC issue if it is only for a small number of files.

This doesn’t quite seem right. OSMC shouldn’t be causing problems with updates. While I understand the concept of ‘if it ain’t broke’, we usually only support the latest version of OSMC.

The root cause will be whatever is generating those .nfo files. They specify a title of ‘None’, and that is the title Kodi is importing the movies with, so it seems likely these are the ultimate cause. OSMC doesn’t generate any .nfo files, and Kodi will only generate such files - as far as I’m aware - when you export your library to individual files.

Please do not insult our intelligence and I should point out to you that questions like this are detrimental to how yours is perceived.

ActionA - No need for hostility, I think you misunderstood my quesiton. As my name shows I am by no means a pro with this. I used a builder to install a bunch of addons rather than specific ones for my needs. The requirements I had were to be able to watch live stream TV from abroad and other legal feeds in the mainland. MY question was what specific addons have you seen to cause trouble. Not to worry anyway the other BobCrachett has helped me out

No wonder your system is unstable… You clearly don’t understand the risks you’ve exposed yourself to. You don’t have to be an OSMC noob forever.

I can almost certainly assure you that the method being used by your build is not legal.