Lirc with lirc_usbirtoy

I’ve tried to use my raspberry as a remote control to to control my TV by using Irdroid USB IR Transceiver which need “usb_irtoy” driver compiled into lirc. Is there a reason that this driver is not within standard armv7-remote-osmc package? Also, if I try to apt-get install lirc, it wants to remove the base package rbp2-device-osmc :

The following packages will be REMOVED:
armv7-eventlircd-osmc armv7-lirc-osmc armv7-remote-osmc rbp2-device-osmc

So I’m kinda stuck :frowning:


Are you sure “usb_irtoy” is supported by lircd 0.9.0 ?

We don’t remove any of the built in drivers.

Sorry, you’re right, it needs to be manually patched.

In fact, it is included in lirc since version 0.9.3. Do you know if I can manually compile it form source and use it along the armv7-lirc-osmc packagge ?

Thanks !

Most likely not. Lirc 0.9.3 is a complete rewrite and is not backwardly compatible with lirc 0.9.0.

Ok, thanks for you prompt reply !

It seems, according to dangerous prototypes forum, that using irman driver should make the trick.

Unfortunately, the irman driver is neither included in OSMC, although it’s an old driver included in lirc 0.9.0.

I’m trying to re-compile the armv7-lirc-osmc so I can get the driver, but I don’t have the source :

osmc::osmc { ~ }-> apt-get source armv7-lirc-osmc
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to find a source package for armv7-lirc-osmc

Any idea about the URL I must add into my sources.list ?