Live TV not appearing

I have OSMC RC running, with TVheadend succesfully installed and streaming content through my local network, I have enabled TVheadend plugin and LiveTV on settings, but Live TV is not appearing at home menu. I have tried with osmc and confluence skin, but neither of them show it.

Should I wait to the final version or I can solve it?

Hi, I have the same problme with my OSMC RC in my RPI2. I enabled PRV app end after I enabled Live Tv, but Live Tv doesn’t appear in the home menu. I tried more and more time to unenable and eneble, and reboot, but no solution.

It’s an error of installation or a bug of RC version??



What version of Tvheadend are you using?

Have you successfully scanned for channels?

If you have scanned for channels successfully, have you mapped them?

What TV tuner are you using?

I’m not using Tvheadend or Tv Tuner. I want to use pvr simple client to have IPTV streaming

I had a configuration problem with TVheadend, so I can’t help you


Perhaps Kodi does not treat IPTV streaming as live TV, and that you need one or more add-ons like that for the BBC iPlayer. Does the Kodi wiki ( ) help at all?

Hi @dr_capins
I’m using the latest version that I could download from the OSMC App Store and I cannot get it to scan for channels in the UK. Used to work perfectly on my old RPi but not the new RPi2 with OSMC and the latest version of TVheadend. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@the crater

Others have had problems with the App Store versions of Tvheadend. See OSMC RC Unable to install TVHEADEND where HarryL has posted details as to how to comile a better version.