OSMC RC Unable to install TVHEADEND


I am so please there is a release candidate. Thank you Sam and the team

I am trying to install TVHEADEND from the App Store and it gets to 7/10 items installing non-free armhf and it sits there spinning on 0 bytes downloaded and then the message disappears

Do I need to do something first?


Make sure your internet connection on your Pi is actually working, and if you are on a Pi 1, be patient - it can take several minutes to install.

If nothing has happened after 5 minutes or so please use the log uploader to upload your Kodi log and APT log.

Thank you very much dbmandrake. That got TVheadend installed. I thought it had finished when the message disappeared.

At start now it says TVheadend connection lost access denied. Do you know how you authorise it


I’ve got still the same Problem: After logging in to TVHeadend Server with osmc/osmc there is no configuration tab at all.

You have to install all tvheadend complementary packages. This should be enough

sudo apt-get install unzip libcurl4-openssl-dev pkg-config git build-essential dvb-apps libssl-dev

Nope. Still the same.
osmc@osmc:~$ E: Unable to locate package libcur14-openssl-dev

It looks like a typo in your package name the packet is libcurl version 4 so the package is libcurl4-openssl-dev and not libcur14-openssl-dev as you wrote

Thanks, but it is still not working. Configuration tab is missing. Any other idea?

I have the same problem as gansde, and have tried perifrastico’s suggestion. Have checked that the Hauppage device appears OK in the dmesg report.

Same here, tv dongle installed, tv headend server enabled but no Configuration tab.

I have build tvheadend at my own (wiki tvheadend) after that i replace the version from the appstore with my own version.
And it works now perfect.
I think there is a compile error at the version from the appstore version.

@Stephan, can you give a step-by-step guide to what you did to build your own and install it?

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Have just tried rebuilding Tvheadend using the instructions here:

but replacing “aptitude” with “apt-get” and ignoring the first instruction (“… wget”). The build seemed to go OK. I then copied the results into “/usr/bin”, overwriting the existing “tvheadend” file, and rebooted. The new build is recognised in the title of the x.x…x.x:9981 web page, but none of the tabs appear so there is something else that needs doing.

Just use the git version like this.

sudo -s

apt-get install git build-essential pkg-config libssl-dev dvb-firmware-osmc dvb-tools libdvbv5-0 liburiparser-dev liburiparser1 libavahi-client-dev zlib1g-dev libavcodec-dev libavutil-dev libavformat-dev libswscale-dev

add " libhdhomerun-dev libhdhomerun1 hdhomerun-config cmake " for hdhomerun network tuner.

cd /usr/src
git clone https://github.com/tvheadend/tvheadend
cd tvheadend

run using

/usr/src/tvheadend/build.linux/tvheadend -u osmc -g video -C &

Done use homepage http://IP/:9981

for hdhomerun you need dvb-hdhomerun software “wrapper”.

cd /usr/src

ln -s /usr/include/libhdhomerun/ /usr/lib/libhdhomerun

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/dvbhdhomerun/dvbhdhomerun_0.0.15.tar.gz

tar zxvf dvbhdhomerun_0.0.15.tar.gz

cd /usr/src/dvbhdhomerun-0.0.15/userhdhomerun
make install

run like this
/usr/local/bin/userhdhomerun -u osmc -g video -f

Remember to load the kernel modules first:
modprobe dvb_hdhomerun

i do it in rc.local like this

modprobe dvb_hdhomerun
sleep 4
/usr/local/bin/userhdhomerun -u osmc -g video -f &
sleep 4
/usr/src/tvheadend/build.linux/tvheadend -u osmc -g video -C &

The hdhomerun tuner needs to be on the same network when the dvb_hdhomerun module is loaded and you run the userhdhomerun wrapper.

Opdated with avahi support.
Opdated with libav support

@HarryL - see you have edited last post - do the changes affect non-hdhomerun users?

If so I need to rerun it - the original version seemed to have solved the problem with no configuration tab when viewed with Windows, but still didn’t find any channels.

@HarryL - I should have said I get the following failures when running the above:

“checking for cc -mmmx”
“checking for cc -msse2”
“checking for cc libiconv”
“checking for cc -hdhomerun/…” (but I am not using anhdhomerun device)

Are any of these important?

no :wink:

it’s probably best to delete /home/osmc/.hts folder first… so you start clean with tvheadend…

It works quite perfect, thanks. I’ve got the Servers Surface with all Tabs. Services scanning still didn’t work only for the first mux. No further muxes were detected. Muxes added by Hand are not scanned.

With the latest edit to HarryL’s post, I now have found most of the channels, but still no Live TV option in the main Kodi menu.

Edit: My mistake - I hadn’t mapped the channels - so now moved forward to stage where I have the channels appearing in KODI, but when I select a channel Tvheadend HSTP Client complains that no input has been detected.