Logitech Harmony Elite with the Vero 4k

Hi - slightly off topic but how do I get my elite working via IR with the Vero 4K? I have Vero 4k as a device on the elite, but what do I do on the Vero to enable IR control? Plus I assume I need to use the IR plug in receiver thing?

@Xar Hi, I splitted your question from the original topic.

I do not know whether the Logitech Harmony Elite is able to simulate RF remotes and this profile is in Logitech’s database. But at least the IR method should work.
The Vero 4k has an internal IR receiver and you find an external USB-IR receiver in the shipment box which has some better signal reception and is more flexible in positioning the Vero and the receiver.

Look at this post to get an idea how you configure it on the Vero: Last update broke RC6-MCE remote - #46 by JimKnopf

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I’d recommend using Bluetooth as means to control your Vero 4k with a Logitech Harmony as it’s way more responsive than IR. If you need advice as to how it’s set up, see here:

Question: So I have my Harmony Elite working with my Vero 4K+ activity. However, when I start the activity on the Harmony, it’s like the Harmony is sending an additional “Menu” command, so, e.g. if I was in Series 1 of a TV show looking at the individual episodes, I then turn off the Vero activity (which leaves the Vero still powered on), when I come back to the Vero activity, it takes me back to the season selection rather than just picking up where I left off within the season episodes.

Anyone else have this issue? I don’t see anything obvious as to why this is happening, either in the Vero settings or the Harmony settings.

Turn on debugging and look at the logs to see what key-presses the Harmony is sending.

I believe it’s this:

12:58:37.223 T:3942642432   DEBUG: PushCecKeypress - received key d8 duration 0
12:58:37.224 T:4077462096   DEBUG: OnKey: menu (0xd8) pressed, action is Back

But, I’m not sure how to fix that, as I’m not hitting that key. Oh, and CEC is disabled in the Vero settings.


Solved it. Very peculiar. LG’s SimpLink CEC was enabled on the TV, which was causing it. Not sure why this mattered, given CEC was disabled on the Vero, but there you go…

Thanks for the help!