Logitech Harmony with IR on Vero V

So everything is kinda setup, except the remote. It works with bluetooth, but not like I would want it. I can’t seem to program keys I want (for instance I have a button for refreshing lib) through keymap editor … when I press the key on the remote, nothing happens.

I want to try and go back to IR, but for some reason … my harmony won’t work like before on it. Checked my settings on the Vero 4k … all the same. When I use an MCE remote or a x360 remote, those remotes work … but when I map them in the harmony app … kodi won’t respond to it. It’s driving me insane and almost makes me want to throw the V out of the window :slight_smile: I want everything here for the family to work through 1 remote and have everything on it they need.

Anyone would know why the MCE & x360 remotes work, but not when going through harmony?

EDIT : it seems to work when I connect the USB IR receiver that was delivered with the mce remote. Even more weird.
On Vero 4k: mce remote works without USB IR receiver, Harmony works
Very V : mce remote works without USB IR receiver, Harmony needs it

I would like it to work without of course, since that’s cleaner. Also, the Vero V has crashed 2 times with the receiver connected already.

You might get to the behavior you are expecting by turning off the keymap for the OSMC remote. You can customize without disabling it, but to understand why you are having an issue it would require a bit of effort to discover exactly what Kodi is seeing as the input. I’d be happy to help you with that if you want, just let me know. As for disabling the OSMC keymap see the following post…

Hi, thank you already for the quick reply !
to disable, are you saying to disable this : disable the special keymap by going to settings>system>input>peripherals>OSMC RF Remote>

Should I also disable the osmc remote in the myosmc addon / remote section ? (I think indeed on my old vero 4k this is greyed out, only the rc6-mce thing is bright white.

Probably off topic here (and for the other thread) … on my vero 4k I did have the remote osmc dongle in the usb port.

I’m finally first going to watch something on my new vero v … and then I’ll try again … as said, it works now with the usb receiver, just not a pretty sight since it’s a very long cable :slight_smile:

Yes. When you plug an OSMC remote dongle in there is a rather extensive custom keymap that is loaded to optimize for those remotes. With your Vero 4k if you didn’t have that dongle plugged in then that keymap didn’t load. However the Vero V has a dongle attached internally so this custom keymap always loads. That setting turns the keymap off so you get back to default keymaps.

The issue I suspect your facing is using keymap editor to map something to global using a key that the OSMC custom keymap is also mapping to specific windows which take precedence over global mappings. Turning off the extra keymap will be the quick and easy way to bypass the issue. If you wanted to take advantage of some of the tweaks and just make some specific changes then you could ssh into your box and with debug logging enabled “tail -f ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log” to discover which key Kodi is seeing when you press a button and also what the names of windows are when you navigate into them. That last sentence is an oversimplification, but if you provided me with the info from the logs for the task your trying to accomplish, as well as explain what your goal was, we could discover the correct way to map it.

Allright. I’ll play with it. I’m geek enough that I want answers
To clear up some confusion … on the Vero 4K the dongle was plugged in …and the harmony worked perfect with indeed a lot of customization through keymap editor.

I’ll add some pics later from both devices with the remote settings to start

Please don’t post pics of text unless there isn’t another option. Just copy/paste text from the terminal session.

If your keymap was working with the dongle installed on the 4k and using the same remote then why not just move the ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/gen.xml from the old box to the new. You will need to restart kodi after the file swap (or if your at the terminal kodi-send -a reloadkeymaps)

yeah I did that. All my keys from gen.xml work fine on the harmony IF I have the usb mce receiver plugged in. Without it, I can press whatever button I want on the harmony, nothing is getting registered.
tried with disabling the keymap for RF, no difference.

i’ll do the ssh & logging tomorrow or in 2 days.

On your old box go into the My OSMC add-on and look to see which remote it is set to there. On the new box make it the same. I have a vague recollection that a while back I found a similar issue with someone else and it turned out the bluetooth Harmony remotes were running through LIRC so that config factors in. I’m not sure that is needed or desirable behavior, but as I don’t own one of these types of remotes I’m hesitant to suggest a change.

It’s copy paste on the 2 boxes, no difference whatsoever. Both are set to the rc6-mce one. Both have the “rc6” switch to disabled.
I put the old one upstairs this afternoon and went up & down the stairs lots of times to compare :slight_smile: