Long press support on the OSMC remote

This is a highlight of my current plan for the new default mapping for all versions of the OSMC remote. I’m only listing things that are outside of stock Kodi (keyboard) behavior. This is all subject to change. I would appreciate thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.

Home - Set globally to return you to the home page with a single click. Longpress set globally to the fullscreen action (from the home screen back takes you to fullscreen as the one exception). Once you are on the home screen pressing it will send CECactivatesource, and longpress sends CECstandby. This allows for this button to act as a power/switch source button on both Vero and RPi’s if you use CEC.

Info - Longpress during fullscreen video turns on/off the debug log and its overlay.

OK - Longpress during fullscreen video brings up the playlist. When in the video library longpress will toggle the view between all videos and unwatched videos. Longpress on home screen reloads skin (useful for MySQL users). For text input longpress activates the OK button to finish text input.

Up - For text input longpress will press shift (upper/lower case). For fullscreen video longpress is set to next playlist video.

Down - For text input longpress will toggle symbols. For fullscreen video longpress is set to previous playlist video.

Menu - Set longpress global to open the side/slide menu. During fullscreen video it will toggle playerprocessinfo to emulate the old remote behavior, and longpress will bring up the chapter/bookmarks screen.

Play - During fullscreen playback longpress toggles subtitles.

Stop - During fullscreen playback longpress selects next subtitle.

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a longpress for the screenshot function would be cool

That would be nice. The only issue I see is that it would have to be global and where do we put it? Keep in mind that longpress disables repeat so a global longpress to vol or direction buttons is a big no no.

Things I use a lot:

  • Bring up the audio offset screen (from fullscreen video).
  • Bring up subtitle offset screen (from fullscreen video).
  • Go into Standby mode (esp. from Home screen).

One I would like would be a toggle between Normal and Original Size video modes.


The other three things you wanted I think will be in the final mapping. As for this one I understand why your wanting this so I searched high and low for a way to do this… and came up empty. You can map the action “AspectRatio” but that cycles through all of the options. Furthermore because of the way that control works it pretty much has to be put on a shortpress button as the delay with longpress makes that control incredibly frustrating to actually use that way.

I ran across someone who scripted it in python but that was a messy solution that was not seamless. I think there may be a way to program the function into a skin as a onclick action and then that would allow you to map a sendclick in a keymap but as I know nothing of skinning I could be completely wrong.

Yeah, that’s what I do at the moment (using a short-press on the “i” button). It’s annoying having to press it eight times. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would adding the ability to turn on the playerdebug overlay (shown below) during fullscreen video playback be something people would find useful?

On a general note to this topic I think we are getting very close to getting to getting this into testing. If there is an action for a specific screen (other than full screen video playback) that would be useful and sensible to have added as a default mapping then right now would be the best time to speak up. I only use certain aspects of Kodi, and have only recently started using this remote, so please don’t expect me to know what is lacking in its current state. For example, I don’t use the picture section but I noticed when editing the map that this remote currently lacks the ability to properly zoom so it make sense to add…

			<up mod="longpress">ZoomIn</up>
			<down mod="longpress">ZoomOut</down>
			<return mod="longpress">ZoomNormal</return>

I think, with the help from our userbase here, we can make this remote have the best out of box Kodi experience seen to date.

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I’m not so sure. How many people understand those numbers?

I for one would love it, but I understand if your average user wouldn’t find them useful.
I’d be happy enough mapping this myself.
@darwindesign good work mate, looking forward to testing.

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It only takes two button-presses now, I’m not sure a single long-press is an improvement.

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As far as i’m aware without a custom map this is not available without a keyboard to press ctrl+shift+o. Are you thinking of playerprocessinfo which is something different (and will be longpress info button) and what the remote brings up now?

If (during playback) you press Menu, then OK, isn’t that the screen you get?

No, this may explain it a bit better…

I decided to go ahead and map it for the initial testing release. I’m sure the users will let me know if there is a more important function to be added in it’s location.

EDIT: I just figured out what you meant. It looks like that is something that Chillbo added into the OSMC skin (I use estuary normally) and you can access it that way. Personally I think the longpress is a bit better approach than bringing up a window to turn on/off an overlay requiring you to dismiss the window again. Plus this allows the overlay to be seen on skins other than OSMC.

Good. I was wondering if I was going mad. :laughing:

Fair enough! :slightly_smiling_face: I hadn’t actually realised the current key combination was unique to the OSMC skin.

@darwindesign Sorry if this has already been proposed, but what I would find very useful would be a long press to trigger recording when in the live TV epg…atm I need about 4 button presses.


This will be added to long-press OK for fullscreen live TV and TV guide. Thanks for the suggestion.

Would there be a change in battery usage in the newer OSMC remote controller?
Because I have found that I need to replace the battery almost every 3 months. (And I have 2 remotes, so every 6 weeks)

(And especially when it it is wearing out the button presses are not always working, pushing on the bottom battery lid when pressing helps to “squeeze” the last bits out of the battery :-D)

No. The long-press update only affects how osmc handles the signals it gets. It changes nothing with the remote control itself.

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Long-press support has now moved to the testing phase. Sam has made an annoucement regarding this here…

Please direct discussions and comments to this new thread. Thank you.