Long Press through CEC on Kodi 16


I’ve updated 3 Raspberry Pi2 to Kodi 16 and all of them cannot get long press through CEC on my TVs (LG). I have a 4th test Pi2 that I freshly installed Kodi 16 OSMC onto, to see if it had the same long press issues through CEC, it did. If I plug a keyboard in I can long press and mouse also works.

Note: I also tried an IR receiver plugged directly into the Pi2 with an RC6 remote, the long press would not work on that either.

Has anyone got Long Press working on their Pi2 using a remote control?


Same problem on my cec with LG tv.
Cant use the long press, stop+play still works for context though…
Anyone knows a solution?

using pioneer kuro cec remote i can’t get long press to call up context menu on my rpi2. works with long left mouse click. I can also program unused key to call up context menu.

Have any of you actually read anywhere that long press support works via CEC, or is this just an assumption ?

Long Press works on my Pi2 with IR reciever (cheap china model) and Harmony 650 remote

The question is regarding CEC. Your response here is irrelevant.

I’m not sure if long press on CEC is supported.

It definitely won’t be support with default settings, as CEC delivery discrete presses when a button is held down.
Might be worth changing system/input/peripheral/cec settings.
I’d suggest “delay before repeating” = 300, “repeat rate” = 100, “release time” = 0.

Now CEC generates press/repeat/release presses when held down, which may get converted to long presses (but I’m not sure).

Thanks popcornmix, I tried the settings you posted, but sadly, still no long press. In the meantime I have had to remap the fast forward and rewind remote control buttons to give context menu & info.


Hi DBMandrake, I havn’t read that long press works via CEC in Kodi 16, but I have asked the same question in the main Kodi forum.

Why not remap the coloured buttons ?

Back when I was using CEC regularly I remapped one of the coloured buttons as context menu and another as “Info”. Saved using any buttons with existing useful functions.

Hi DBMandrake, Thats what I tried previously, until I found out that my LG TV doesn’t forward the coloured buttons on remote through CEC.
Strange thing is regarding long press, I plugged in an old USB Media Centre home receiver and tried an RC6 remote control , couldn’t get the long press to function either…very strange as it works perfectly with long press on Windows Kodi 16 using same receiver and remote.

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Hi Mutley,
I have a 2015 LG TV.
By default in Kodi the coloured buttons are mapped as TV, Video, Music and Pictures. I have successfully remapped the LG remote’s yellow button (Music) to Global/Navigation/Context menu. I used the Keymap Editor GUI for this.