Looking for information (future buyer)


First of all, happy new year to everyone!

I would like to change my actual set-up for watching movies.

I use my PS4 with Plex, connected to my ampli (HDMI/Optical), himself connected to my TV (HDMI).
Movie files are located in my laptop, running Plex Server.
4K files doesn’t work with this configuration.

Looking for information on the internet, I found that it would be better to use a system like Vero 4K to watch them.

I’m a little lost, and I would like to know what I need exactly to set-up this system.

What I think I understood :
I will use the Vero 4K as I use my PS4 : connected to the ampli (HDMI/Optical). And then, easy to use with the remote.

What I don’t get :
Where would I put my files?
Does it work like Plex?
Can I use my laptop (connected in WiFi)?

Have a nice day!

They can stay on your Plex server and Vero 4K + can connect to that.
It can also play back files on your laptop; but make sure the WiFi connection is good enough if playing back 4K content

Ok, so what I can do is replace the PS4 by the Vero 4K, and try to launch those files.
I don’t know at the moment what to do to use Vero and Plex, but I think I will find it here.

Next, if using my laptop with wifi doesn’t work well with big files, what should I do?


Wired Network connection or buy a USB hard drive and connect it to the Vero 4K

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You can use the plexkodiconnect (PKC) add-on to simplify your Plex set up on the Vero.

You can either install the official Plex add-on for Kodi to access your Plex Media Server or, as noted above, you can use PlexKodiConnect to access your Plex server and still get all the benefits from running Kodi. I would recommend the latter although it takes a little more effort to setup.

Thank you for all the reply!
Maybe I will ask for more details when I have everything.

Just to be sure, everything will be OK connecting Vero to my ampli with HDMI and optical cables?


Yes – that should be fine.

I’ve just placed the order!

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Great – we’ve shipped this out.

Welcome to the family :hugs:

Thank you!

PlexKodiConnect Installation

Isn’t it just nice to see all those responses and get the answers you are looking for :heart_eyes:


Yes it is!

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Just to rub in the awesomeness, I have a few Vero devices and I use only Plex on them. You’ll be very happy!

I noticed in the OP you said you have both HDMI and TOSLINK connected to your AVR with your current setup. If your AVR has HDMI there is no upside to adding a seperate cable for your audio. Also, although you can just install the Plex add-on, login, and be right into your current library, if you are using Plex for playing local content only, you might want to try just making a normal file share from Windows and connecting to that with Kodi. Although Plex works just fine, it is a bit more limited. If your not using it to stream over the internet then the only benefit it would really give is if you prefer the user interface.

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I agree with @darwindesign here. And no need to pay an upkeep or a lump sum to Plex.

I second that. OSMC plays practically anything so you have no need for Plex IMHO.