Losing settings when rebooting Vero 4k (and Vero 2)


sometimes, when we reboot the Vero 4K (same problem with Vero 2), we lose our settings.

  • interface settings (skin go back to OSMC)
  • language (go back to english)
  • system settings (resolution, sound, …go back to default)

Why ? How can we fix this ? It is very annoying.
For me, I think this problem come with the last version of OSMC (2017.02)

Thank you.

Please use the magnifying glass icon in top right corner. Devs are well aware of this error. Patch will be available very soon.

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Yes :grinning:
But I can’t find same problem. (keywords: losing, setting,…)

Thank for your answer.

It’s a known issue affecting all Kodi platforms.

I posted some test builds with a fix but didn’t get much response so don’t know if it’s fixed.

I hope it is, as I will be releasing an update with Kodi v17 imminently. I would like to get it fixed in this month’s update


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I’d love to test the fix on my Vero3. Is there a link to a build on dropbox just as in the Raspberry Pi thread?

Just take the devel repository. But at this point we are merely hours off from release. If you’re not comfortable with how to do this, I’d advise waiting.

Please keep in mind this isn’t a guaranteed fix. I simply didn’t receive enough feedback or detailed information which meant my fixes were a stab in the dark.

If it’s unresolved, then don’t worry, we will get it solved, but it will take a little longer.


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I installed the update, restored my settings and did three reboots. All seems to be fine again. :smiley:

Good news ! <3

Same for me.
Apparently the bug is fixed.

Thank to the OSMC team.:slight_smile:

This problem seems not solved for me. (Vero 4K latest 17.1 update)

i still get this issue after a view reboots.

All settings are default, skin, language etc…

i enabled debug log now and if i get this again i will post the logs if needed.

17.1 is not the latest.



are you sure you have the Release 2017.03-1 installed ?


yes i have this release.

That’s not a helpful answer. Then what is the latest?

I wrote the latest 17.1 update and 17.1RC2 is the latest…

but on all other plattforms it is the 17.1 final

i think you know what i mean.

Release 2017.03-1 comes in two versions: 17.1-RC2 and 17.1. The correct (17.1) version was release by Sam on 22 March.

If your Kodi log says you still have 17.1-RC2, you need to upgrade to 17.1.

See Kodi Version Query for further details.

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ah yeah right, latest update over night changed this to 17.1

This is the actual version i am running but the problem is still there after a view reboots skin and settings are default.

Well at least we know you’re now on the latest-latest version. :wink:

Well, the question always is what people are referring to…

17.1 is the latest Kodi version, while the latest osmc version is 2017-3.

But if it was OSMC release 2017-1 that would not be the latest version.

Can you post here which skin you are using and a full debug log which shows you changing a setting, rebooting and that setting not being the same after the reboot?