Lost skin settings (with devel update), using profiles

I’ve catch the problem with debug enabled.

Basicly Vero4 with

  • jessie-devel update
  • skin estuary
  • userprofil master + michael
    I try some shutdowns and reboots, it’s works fine, Kodi start with estuary skin. but after some time Kodi start and switch to skin OSMC.

Here are the logs:

09:12:11.300 T:4108460976 ERROR: CSettings: unable to load settings from special://profile/guisettings.xml, creating new default settings

Does it only happen with profiles enabled?


I try it.

with out profile

@michael47 I’ve been testing this patch for several weeks, and have not had the problem. I do see one thing in your logs that I think could be causing the problem, but I’m not real sure, so if you could try something it would help confirm/deny it.

I noticed that you are using path substitution to NFS mount your thumbs and playlists (I assume you are doing that to share them with another Kodi)

What I’d like you to try would be to mount the thumbs/playlists via fstab, and remove the path substitutions.

Something like this should work in fstab:

nfs:// /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails nfs rw,user,noauto,x-systemd.automount 0 0
nfs:// /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/playlists nfs rw,user,noauto,x-systemd.automount 0 0

And remove the path substitutions in advancedsettings.xml.

I don’t know if this will fix the problem, but it’s worth a try. Also, you may get better performance, as mounting via fstab uses the kernel, instead of making Kodi do the work.

And along that line, you might want to consider doing this for all of your mounts. Of course of you do that you will have to re-scrape your library (or use something like MySQL Workbench to change the paths in the database so you don’t have to re-scrape)

If you are using more than one profile, you may need to keep one of your path substitutions, but modify it to this:


I think this will do what you want, using the same playlist for all profiles.

Hi Brian
First thank you for you time.

fstab or no, it’s a old discussion.
For me, somethin like the question which Laundry detergent wash more white.
In my case the NAS is fast, and i think that i have more then (songs, pictures, films, TV, images, cover, fanart extra…) 80K files for Kodi on the Nas.
And I use that et pathsubstitution since my beginnings with XBMC/Kodi, I’m happy with.
But perhaps you are right that the NAS was a part of the problem. OSMC work’s finht the most of time, only from time to time, he lost “something” and fall back to OSMC skin by default.
Can it be, that OSMC wait for some answer from the NAS, but the NAS “sleep” discs spin down, and need more time to answer ??
I’ve now install the WOL Addon, and setup wake up NAS with 15 seconds.
Wait and see.
I report back.

Let us know if this changes anything


Since you seem to know about the fstab argument, you know that it’s not the NAS that is the performance bottleneck, but it’s because Kodi is handling the NFS communication, instead of the kernel when using fstab. The kernel will always be more efficient than having Kodi do it.

But what I was really looking for with my suggestion to use fstab instead of path substitution is I’m wondering if sometimes Kodi is getting confused. So if using the WOL Addon does not solve the problem, could you try using fstab instead?

I know, better i must speak not from Nas, but from Kodi Interface experiences , (for me it’s the same problem, because you have Kodi, your box,your NAS, your cabling system, you have your application server organization, etc)
I don’t have a “religion”", but before I change a (good) running system, I try to understand.(And next week i’ve another Vero4 box like test station., I can try something more.) But now i’am only user, perhaps we can work togehther.
For now

  • I enabled debug,
  • I shut down my box every night (like everyday),
  • i rename every morning my kodi.old.log
  • i try to clean up my error messages in kodi.log
    a first information, perhaps add-on WOL do nothing for this issue, because Kodi communicate with the Nas before the WOL add on is started.
    wait and see.
    It isn’t a easy issue (otherwise a lot of people has write something in the forum),
    I can live sometime with, and perhaps the log give us one day more information.

Sam and Brian you are right something to do with

17:27:25.240 T:4111074224 ERROR: CSettings: unable to load settings from special://masterprofile/guisettings.xml, creating new default settings
17:27:25.259 T:4111074224 NOTICE: Loaded settings file from special://xbmc/system/advancedsettings.xml
17:27:25.259 T:4111074224 NOTICE: Contents of special://xbmc/system/advancedsettings.xml are…

Before i’ve this issue, i restart the Box (2or 3 time) (by SSH) after running video scrapper (TheMovieDB) —> Nirvana. Stay long time to 66%, i try to stop, restart the scrapper,restart mediacenter etc etc
Save you some information about the setup in this case, and reuse it??

I haven’t seen many more reports of skin settings being lost. So this may only be affecting you because of profiles or path substitution.

This happened with the WOL addon? Then I really think that the next thing to try would be my suggestion to use fstab instead of path substitution. Maybe there is a new regression in Kodi 17.1 causing the problem.

Trying Step by step:
First: profiles
i’ve delete the second profile, In this case I used only the master profile. Next step I try to recreate the issue with another user profile.
I do it only Tuesday.

Please use this time to think about
For me the problem isn’t the initial setup, but what Kodi(OSMC) think about the setup after some not clean shutdown/restart.

You mean after pulling the power plug?

I’m getting skin settings being lost as well. It seems to be alright for a while (about a fortnight the last time it happened) and then I’m losing either skin settings or profile settings at random. It seems to be random when it does it but once it does it happens repeatedly. i have a working card image from when 17 and 17.1 came out that i go back to but after a while it does it again. Last night it did it and then after a few reboots it went back in to a boot loop. I’m going to rebuild from scratch but think I’ll order a Pi 3 first before doing that. I’m back on an old backup of 16 at the moment that seems to be working fine

This thread is specifically referring to the Vero4k device. There are other threads in the Ras Pi subforum that address this issue. Please seek support there.

Sorry, yeap missed that one. Apologies

And make sure you’re on staging. It should be fixed in staging.

No, with ssh systemctl,
but before I’ve lost the control with CEC remote, OSMC remote and also with Yatse.

Some news:

  1. AddOn WOL, do nothing in ths case, because he start too late.
  2. I delete the line “special://profile:playlists” in my advanced settings (Brian I try you solutions in some next step).
special://masterprofile/playlists/ nfs:// special://profile/playlists/ nfs://

Also I enabled profile selection in the startup. For the moment I use only masterprofile, and not the second.
And after a lot of restarts no problem, no lost of skin settings. .
I wait some days, and after I test the next step with the second profile.