macOS OSMC installer has been broken for years

Guys, the macOS OSMC installer has been broken for years. I just now experienced the same error I experienced two years ago. This is ridiculous. You are spending so much time and effort into fixing some edge case bugs, but don’t fix the main tool a user would install OSMC. Ridiculous.


It’s broken for macOS Catalina due to a number of security changes that Apple introduced with the release of this operating system. It works on older versions of macOS.

I have been trying to fix it for some time but haven’t been able to resolve this.

The tool is open source and I’m happy to accept a PR to resolve this from anyone who is able to do so.


And all this time you did not bother to remove it from Download - OSMC ? Seriously? How many user have downloadad and attempted to use this broken installer tool? It seems that you don’t give a crap about people’s time and UX.

It takes 15 minutes to write a guide on how to install an image via Fetcher or similar and post it there.

It works for older versions of macOS, so is still of use to some users.
There is also the hope that we can get it to work in the near future.

We removed the Linux installer when we ended support for it, but we still want to support installation via macOS using our tool.

Then perhaps it makes sense to replace the note there Download - OSMC? It does not support 10.07+

Sure, I’ll make that change shortly.


It took me 1 minute

Our website is open source, so you could PR it :wink:

Oh, I did not know that. Alright, I’ll do that! Thanks

I’ve done two things:

  1. I prepared this guide How to prepare a bootable OSMC image on macOS Catalina and Big Sur Please review and publish to OSMC wiki.
  2. I am ready to submit a PR that will adjust the macOS section of the Download page and link to the above wiki article. I will submit the PR once I will know the URL of the above wiki article.

I moved it to wiki>general. You should be able to see it in discourse now but it will take a while to propagate to the other site.

Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on Wiki - OSMC and submit the PR once the article has been published to wiki

Hey! It has been 10hours and it still has not been propagated. Is that a manual process?

cc @sam_nazarko

The installer is working on macOS Catalina here.
I won’t have a chance to test Big Sur until later.

I tested both on Catalina and Big Sur and the installer does not work for me. It fails at the last step.

PR Download page - macOS-related adjustments by reinisb · Pull Request #4 · osmc/website · GitHub

Thanks. I don’t think I’ll be able to test Big Sur yet until it is stable, but at least Catalina works as expected.

When you write “at least Catalina works as expected.” - do you mean that official installer or the wiki guide?