MacOS Ventura NFS -> SMB


after a good run over two years of accessing the NFS-share on my MacMini, NFS is dead again after upgrading to MacOS Ventura. Reinstalling Ventura doesn’t help. But a fresh install of MacOS Monterey on my system and I could access my NFS share from my Vero4k using the NFS Manager.

My question:

Would it be a better idea to use SMB accessing MacOS than NFS? I also tried this myself. I set a shared folder in the file sharing setting and gave my user (set up a new user as well) access to it. Using the Zeroconf-Browser I see my Mac. Clicking on it results in an error message (Operation not permitted).

Does anyone have a running setup of MacOS Ventura using SMB and a Vero4k and can give me a few tips to solve this problem?


That works just fine.

Personally I prefer using autofs to fstab; but the end result is much the same. The main difference is that autofs doesn’t actually mount the folder until it’s accessed, while fstab mounts it at boot time; so autofs is slightly more resilient to the server not being accessible when you reboot.

Sounds great. I will try that.