Major problems with the March update

bypassing the Marantz brought the Vero back. I re-connected through the AVR and the Vero was still responsive. Will see how long that lasts.

Leave it like that for a bit, see what happens

Got back to the GUI and tried another re-boot, and the Vero could not complete the shut down, lots of hdmitx entries on the screen, then stalled. I have resumed with a direct connection to the TV with my original ./kodi folder and will see if it’s stable.

Did you take a photo of these messages?

But it’s always said that.

OK, disregard.

There is an issue with the Marantz connection, for sure. I have found that when the blank screen occurs, if I put the AVR in stand-by, the Kodi GUI reappears via the AVR’s passthrough to the TV. On bringing the AVR out of standby, all is well very briefly, typically after 2 or 3 playback starts, the blank screen comes back. Here is another log, happy to keep the Vero on the March build for now in case it helps track down the root cause.

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As previously reported in this thread, the March update has rendered my main Vero unusable via its connection to my Marantz AVR due to constant blank screen issues.

I just did a clean install of the January build, upgraded to the March version without doing any user setup, and immediately upon first reboot, I got a blank screen.

Back on the January version now and the Vero is working perfectly. Any ideas?

Unfortunately without further logs from the March version, it’s hard to tell what the issue is.

We haven’t changed any HDMITX code in this update.
It would have probably made sense to connect to the TV, capture the EDID and then hardcode this so the Marantz is ignored.

I already posted logs, do they not help? There has to be something in the March version that has changed to cause this, since the January version is working perfectly.

We would need the logs when the device is connected directly to the TV and doesn’t present a problem (when running the March version)

that’s a lot of hassle for a device that is driving the main family system as we head into the weekend. Are there really no ideas as to what the cause is?

No – honestly, I don’t know what the issue is.
Hopefully someone else experiences this problem and we can take another look.

here is a log running the March version with a direct connection to the Panny TV (it’s an old 1080 plasma). Reinstalling the March version immediately reintroduced the blank screen problem via the AVR.

and here is a fresh log via the AVR. Playback was successful for the first title I selected (Marvel Avengers), then on the second file (Dr Who Eleventh Hour) the screen immediately went blank and no sound. Playback is evidently in progress since the moment I put the AVR in standby, in-progress picture and sound appear. I am totally logged out now! Since the system is unusable, I hope I can be forgiven for dropping back to the January version so the family can actually use it :slight_smile:

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If you weren’t getting a result with the January build I would say to check and if possible clean your HDMI cable connections. When connected to the AVR, (last log) you are not getting any audio capabilities reported - only stereo. Although the first log you posted did have all the expected stuff.

Can you try different cables and/or different sockets on the Marantz?

To clarify, everything is perfect with the January build. I only have toinstall the March build to create the problem.


This one also perplexes me.

Will check those logs in more detail tomorrow.