Malware in OSMC Windows installer?

Today I ran a malwarebytes on my machine and surprisingly it showed that osmc installer is infected.

So I went to and downloaded the recent Windows installer version and uploaded to virustotal.

It shows it has 13 trojan/malware in it. What is the official statement on this?

Check the Virustotal result here:
Windows version:

Linux image:

It will be a false positive. You can search for malware or virus here and you will see the same post time and time again.

Most AV programs now rely on ‘reputation’ which means whenever we publish a new version it takes a while before it is considered clean as the executable hasn’t been detected on enough systems yet

The source code for the installer is publicly available on GitHub. But obviously if you don’t trust our installer you should not run our operating system…

If you have any AV software that flags this I would appreciate it if you could report it as a false positive