Mame, kodi 18, raspberry or Vero 4k

I have two osmc platform


very happy with these two. recently upgraded to leia. thanks Sam ! upgrade were done smoothly .

but …

I’d like to play some old game. I was a fan of mame on windows and i d’like to use that on my osmc

I thought the new kodi version would help me with that but so far I was not able to play any games

I install the mame launcher but this tool ask me the location of the emulator and was not able to find the corresponding addon ?

i install retroosmc on my raspberry but it does not want to start …

so if someone could give me some explanation about teh best way to run mame on leia would be helpful.


You wold not need retrosmc and you for the start should also not use launchers like Mame Launchers,

  1. You would enable Game Emulators (and their dependcies via “My Addons”
  2. You would add a path to your roms in the Games section of the Home screen

You then could launch games from there. Be aware that not all emulators are working (see Retroplayer (Emulators list)) and that if your roms are in ZIP’s you need to adjust the ZIP assignment (see Retroplayer (Emulators list) - #31 by joakim_s).



I customized menu in previous versions of Kodi so I can’t see a Games section, I’ve tried to add it but I can’t see any Games entry between the available ones. What’s the problem?


Well we now either all can start guessing or you provide debug enabled logs that gives us at least a small chance to help you

Well, the problem with the menu section is now resolved, in order to add the item I had to used ActivateWindow(Games) after some research on, what I don’t understand is why if OSMC support Kodi 18, how is possible that shortcut doesn’t appear on the list at least.

Finally I’ve been able to see the menu and using a USB Key put some ROMS inside that appears listed, but another problem appears; I know zipped ROMS are not supported unless you change the association with video files, but if I put the ROMS unzipped, since they are from MAME you end up with a folder per ROM with a bunch of small files inside, that seems can’t be loaded by the emulator as is.

Is a bit frustrating I must confess.