Manual upgrading Vero4K+

Please halp me out with my Vero4K+. It’s now running on KODI 18.6 with the 3D build.
It is not updating. What is the corerct precedure for upgrading the box via SSH?

I found this topic but it is old:

Don’t follow that!

Have a look at the release notes for the OSMC August upgrade. You probably need the hotfix that’s mentioned in there and then you should be able to upgrade from SSH or My OSMC.

Can’t find any mentioning of a hotfix. Can you pls post the url?

Thanks @grahamh but still can’t find it in that post, what i did find is to run “sudo systemctl start manual-update” and that seend to do the trick.

It is FAQ #1.

Ohha stupid me, did not click on the first link…
Anyway i did not have to do that fix. “sudo systemctl start manual-update” upgraded mine 4K+ to 19.3 just fine :slight_smile: Thamks

Good good.

That’s something I didn’t know :stuck_out_tongue: