Media Center broken after update

Hi, I run most recent OSMC update today as prompted. It took unusually long, about 20-25 minutes, usually it was only few, got stuck unpacking several times, but finished eventually and rebooted.

Upon reboot it turned out media centre is broken, screen is black - no thumbs or media lists, menu white and partial, not all usual menu items visible or working; overlays not working, just showing white squares. Playback freezes

All other services seem to be working fine.

See logs:

IS there a way of forcing osmc or kodi to be re-donloaded and re-installed? I’d rather avoid installing from scratch if possible.

Thanks for help

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Can’t help on what’s happened, but I’ve just done the same… some of the screens look good but others black with white side bars… not good!

Check for updates again. You can do this via My OSMC or via the command line

Some people were checking for updates constantly (every few seconds) which meant they may have only received a partial update as they updated before we made everything available

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Please don’t spam the threads of others with unrelated issues!

Sorry buddy, not sure how my having exactly the same issue i spamming with unrelated content?!?

Thanks Sam for helping, will have a look!

Sorry, reading too fast and overlooked the white bars issue in op. Apologies.

No worries! Thanks.

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Had the same issue. Updated, no longer starts. Sorry can’t help.

It won’t be the same problem now as all mirrors are up to date
Start a new post with debug logs.