Some User Profiles not working after updating to Krypton

I am having a similar issue after the update. I have multiple profiles, I can only log in using the Master Profile. All other profiles give me the sad face of death. :slight_smile:

I have run the command line update as suggested, and no further updates were applied or found. Any other suggestions?

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see for advice on how to help us help you.


after upgrading to Krypton yesterday I cannot use my OSMC on RPI3. When it boots I am shown screen to choose of two my profiles. When I select any of them, the sad face screen follows.

I tried restoring my 2 weeks old backup and upgrade from it but with the same outcome. I’ve taken a look into logs but don’t see anything suspicious.

Please can you help me?

I am aware of a problem with user profiles and I’m investigating it.

I will update this thread if I make any progress and if I manage to resolve the issue I will make a fix available as an update

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Help! Very broken Pi!
Just upgraded my Raspberry Pi 2 (no added hardware except for an IR remote control)
Can’t get past “Master User” screen. Pressing OK results in sad face and reboot.
Left arrow brings up settings and options menu but nothing seems too work.

Got past this by selecting “auto login”.
Don’t know why that worked.
Directory listings now showing horizontal scrolling truncated file names intead of vertical lists even though file display set to “list”.
Please how can I bring back a software version that actually worked?

You may want to change your skin.

It’s not possible to downgrade, but we had plenty of information and announcements about this release

I’ve had a look at this problem but unfortunately had trouble replicating the issue.

I activated Profiles, and the login screen. I added a new user called sam and selected start fresh. When I rebooted, I was able to select the sam profile without a crash.

Can anyone let me know how to reproduce this crash reliably? Are there a set of steps I can perform to reproduce the crash?


Prior to the update I had 2 profiles. After update my 2 profiles where shown however everytime I selected either one the unhappy face. I completed the instructions in the faq and now the system is happy but my profiles are gone. No profiles or add-on. Can I recovery?

Assuming you folllowed the advice of mv .kodi .kodi-backup?
If so you can move back you stuff from .kodi-backup to .kodi and just do it one by one for the addons folder to find out which addon gives you issue.

Yes, I did follow the instructions but I’ve never moved folders. Noob willing to learn…point me into a direction?

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki:

Here is a cheatsheet for how to navigate in a Linux shell: Cheatsheets and Tutorials for users new to Linux based operating systems

check what @ActionA posted. And if you are more a GUI person you might want to install mc with sudo apt-get install mc and then run mc which allows you to show the current (.kodi) and the old folder (.kodi-backup) and copy files between them

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If someone can help me replicate this crash, I’ll fix it.

My sequence, starting from a update with 2 previous profiles trying to open either profile would result in unhappy face. Performed the faq fix resulted in one profile. Profile would open and changed to confluence skin. All good. Created a second profile. Upon opening second profile skin was default OSMC. Was unstable with unhappy face but eventually was stable to ge t to settings. Changed skin to Titan. Log out. Trying to log into new profile get unhappy face everytime. Attempted to delete and re-create second profile same unhappy face.

Have you checked if Titan is compatible with Kodi v17?

I did a new clean OSMC installation and created 2 profiles.

I can login to the master profile successfully, but when I login to the 2nd profile I keep on getting a sad face.
This persists even after deleting and re-creating the 2nd profile.

Same issue as slug, second profile always sad face. Tried creating a profile with new settings and tried copying settings from default both sad face.

I can’t replicate the second profile giving me a sad face.
I will try again and build a version of Kodi with debug symbols so if I can replicate, I can see what the issue is.

When creating a new profile what skin is default when not accepting setting from another profile. I suspect its a skin issue?