Media flags don't work for Atmos

I am trying to get OSMC skin to detect Atmos flags in filename. DTSX reads fine, surrounded by any of these characters - .-_

For e.g. ‘movie name.Atmos.mkv’ or ‘movie name_Atmos.mkv’ etc.

The movies simply vanish from the library when I add Atmos to the filename, unless the filename also has the year like so - movie name (19xx).Atmos.mkv

A skin error or am I missing something?

(I am on the testing channel - 18.8-37)

Did you change the file name after adding the movie to the library? Then you have to re-scrape the folder your renamed file is located in.

I did indeed. Is that the same as ‘updating library’? If not, how would one go about doing that?


Well then I can confirm that it does not resolve the issue (I have been doing that after my file renaming). It still can’t detect Atmos, while there are no hiccups with DTS-X at all.