Media view changes from list to wide while scrolling

Using the osmc skin, I normally display library media on List view. While scrolling through the library, the view mode frequently switches to Wide mode. I have to change the mode back to list manually. Every day or so this behavior seems to repeat.



Sorry to hear your having issues, you please try uploading your debuging logs again; as its blank.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks for catching that. I enabled logging but didn’t select the appropriate log in My OSMC. Log is here:

Interestingly, I had to manually copy the log to pastebin because the url that the My OSMC log uploader provided was invalid.


Please clarify is it a view within kodi that changes, or is it a view format on your TV that changes?


Have you got a custom keymap in ~/.kodi/userdata/ (link provided for more info)

From looking at the logs,I think when your are scrolling a long press is being picked up, which maybe changing the view.


If its a view format on the TV which is changing, may need to considered a custom keymap and change the buttons which scroll through the library.

Thanks Tom.

It is a view within kodi: how library lists are displayed. Part of the menu that is accessed via left arrow when navigating TV Shows or Movies, etc.

The only custom keys in my keymaps aren’t used for scrolling. I’ll look more at how my remote behaves and try to swap out with another.

In what add-on do you experience this?

No addon. Just a Smart Playlist from the Home menu.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve noticed it can change either while I’m away (i.e. the view mode reverts to wide the next time I’m browsing) or occasionally it will change while I’m looking at a list. It seems to be possibly correlated with a library update? i.e. when the library update finishes it repaints the list I’m looking at and changes the view mode. I primarily use the TV and Movies categories, I’ve noticed it happen with both. I don’t have any custom keymaps.