Menu editing

When i click on “Music” for eg, there is a million options. The only one i want/use is “files”. Is there anyway for me to either edit this menu or make the “Music” shortcut takes me straight to the “files” submenu option?

You can change any home menu entry via the skin settings and the home menu customisation dialog. Navigate to Settings/Interface/Skin/Customise skin…/General and then click (Enable home menu customisation first, if this is shown, and install the two addons you’re redquested to download) Customise home menu. The dialog that’ll open will let you adjust where each home menu entry points. Just navigate to Music on the left side and choose Change action on the right side. Then you’ll be able to select Music/Files in the dialog that’ll open.

Here you can find a how-to explaining in detail how this is done: [HowTo] Customize the OSMC Skin main menu