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Merry Christmas!

The OSMC team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. We hope you're enjoying the festive break and watching lots of TV with OSMC.

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it’a already available 19.5? i have try to lauch manually update and 0 upgradable founded :wink:

on a rasp pi2.

No - we will release this version when it’s ready. 19.5 is in the staging repository however.

@sam_nazarko the news say “next few days”.
it’s the terms “few” with create “hype”… lol :wink:

I planned to release it on 01/01, but I got some kind of deathly illness a while before and it took me a long time to recover.

The changes will be small but just keep things going. We were almost fully on top of Kodi v19.5 as we included Kodi v19.4 + master.

Out of curiosity – what improvements are you hoping for with this update? Which improvements in Kodi v19.5 are you particularly looking forward to?



@sam_nazarko improvement… nothing in particular. current 19.4 runs very good on my very “old” pi2 .

But for example:
Yesterday i have installed kodi on my Intel NUC whit Ubuntu 22.04.1 and here it’s been received this newest version 19.5 and kodi in seems to be faster in general usage :slight_smile:
Who knows they have streamlined a bit kodi in general ?

Kodi v19.5 is already in the staging repository and will be released shortly.
With that said, we were already tracking the changes on top of v19.4, so you shouldn’t expect any real changes.

@sam_nazarko yeah thanks anyway for all things doing to maintain in life my pi2 also at today.

lol you want to know a curiosity?

this my pi2 it’s probably the most longevity “PC” (or also device) never enter at my home :wink:

and all thanks every to osmc project… probably if remember osmc it’s the very only and open source os booted my pi2 :wink:

Thanks for your kind words.

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Will the release of 19.5 be announced in the blog as well once ready?

I believe every update get announced there.

Im interested in what you are so keen to see in 19.5 that’s not already in 19.4?

dolby vision playback.

Nothing… but not sure if update works like it should. So if i know an update is out AND it shows up to install I know everything is ok :slight_smile:

19.5 does not introduce DV playback.

Yes – it will come early next week.

i didn’t say that. it was a reaction to the post above.

Is there any plan to jump directly to official Kodi 20 or 19.5 will be anyway the next release? Thanks

We will release Kodi v19.5 first, then there will be a test thread for v20. We will officially released Kodi v20 when it has a point release, i.e. v20.1.


is this kind of updates via the usb or network? @sam_nazarko

It will be coming as an incremental update over the network via the automatic (with confirmation) update function.

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