Messed up fstab - can't boot

seems I messed this up. Is there a way to access the fstab from outside and undo the changes?

It’s a while since I looked at the installer but I think you could do this:

  • make an install SD/USB
  • delete filesystem.tar.xz
  • add with
touch /mnt/root/etc/fstab
mv kernel.img kernel.nouse

Boot from the SD/USB. I haven’t tested this but worth a try.

You might be able to boot to the recovery console, mount the filesystem RW and edit it

:thinking: how would I do this?

I put the installer img in the USB port but this would format everything.

Is it possible to run any live usb system and then access the filesystem? I could not get into recovery mode, tried pressing Shift and Ctrl during startup

And: I don’t have a USB keyboard

How did you try that without a USB keyboard?

You’ll need a USB keyboard to make the changes.
But fstab shouldn’t actually be needed for the system to boot. The root= parameter is passed during boot.

tried it w/ a wireless keyboard…

Maybe I’m running into this issue not only for the fstab changes but also for the HDMI thing upon boot.

If you broke fstab then I’d expect a systemd unit to faiil on boot and the system to boot in a degraded state; but it should at least be booting.

asked the neighbor for a USB keyboard, still can’t boot

You might need to reinstall the system then.

Oh yes, it does that first. :roll_eyes:

okay, so I did a clean install and now I’m running into this problem again, see this thread

Have you tried a new PSU?

No, might be a stupid q, where can i get one. Which specs do I need?

Does it go through to the EU w/out customs? Otherwise postage and customs are more then the PSU, no?

ordered it anyway

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We no longer send items DDP at this time of writing. So customs will indeed be involved.

This may change in the near future.

@sam_nazarko I received the new PSU but I’m still facing the same issue :frowning: - anything else I can do?
Update: I switched the HDMI cable, seems to work now. Very odd.

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Glad to hear this. Could have been a short on the cable.