Migrating a rutorrent/rtorrent to new machine

Dear friends,
I have a longstanding installation of an rtorrent/rutorrent client on my older Raspbmc/RPi2 box.

I am now considering installing rtorrent/rutorrent on the Vero with OSMC and transfer the hard disk from the old RPi2 to Vero.

A few questions:

  • As the VERO main task is to play my movies, would the rtorrent workload (and related I/O) be noticeably disruptive ?
  • If I manage to install rtorrent/rutorrent according to this HOWTO [HowTo] rtorrent instead of transmission (rewritten and tested)
    would pointing the config files to the existing moved disk be enough to resume seeding of the torrents I had on the RPi2 ?

Thank you