Movie stops playing after a few seconds on Vero 4K+


Since june update, when I try to play a movie on my Vero 4K+, the movie starts to play and after a few seconds, it stops, and the main menu is displayed.
I tried with movies that worked before this update.
On the logs, I started to play the movie around line 10453.
Of course, before this update, OSMC worked like a charm.
My Vero 4K+ is plugged through a Sony STR-DN1080 receiver to a Sony KD-65AF8 Tv.

Check this thread: SMB connection issue after June update - #60 by sam_nazarko

While probably not related to your problem, I’d suggest that you remove the banned addons in your sources.xml as they are know to cause issues.

Thanks, it fixed my problem !