Multi audio devices out

Hi there, really enjoying the Vero4k.

I would like to see multiple audio out supported. I have the Vero4k connected through HDMI and also a supported hi quality DAC via USB, which I mainly use for music. I would like it if the sound is coming out of both.

I think it is supported in some Kodi patches.

Thanks a lot!

Do you really need sound coming out of both at the same time?

The audio profiles addon would let you switch easily without too much hassle

It’s unlikely the HDMI and USB outputs will be in phase. There could be significant latency.

You’d be at least one microframe behind with a FIQ based implementation USB, which is not something we have


There is no need to have it synced perfectly.
As I watch movies, I use the sound which comes through the HDMI, which will be multi-channel.
But if I want to listen to music, I’d like to use the better 2 channel USB DAC. I don’t want to turn on any screen to change any configuration.

I don’t mind if it’s a (couple of) frame behind, since it’s gonna be used for music only, or you can change the delay in the receiver.

If it’s a matter of changing some config file, that’s fine too. I found a thread on this here, but I don’t know if it’s useful.


it is possible even now. My Vero4k outputting audio simultaneously from HDMI and optical toslink. Without any need to set anything. I like this simultaneous output, because it have its advantages.
I have connected TV via HDMI and AV receiver via optical toslink.
When I want to watch something just on TV, through its own speakers I left receiver off.
And when I want better sound in 5.1, I will just put volume on TV to lowest level (avoiding “mute” indicator to show on screen) and power on AV receiver.

The default is to have all built-in interfaces outputting at once - HDMI, S/PDIF and analogue. If you plug in and select a USB soundcard, the built-in interfaces are not used.

Yes, so I would need to have audio on the USB sound card as well. So I can playback my music on the specialised sound card (DAC), which is better in stereo then my 5.1 DAC.