Multiroom audio via snapcast

Hey would it not be nice if you could have multiroom audio in osmc
There is a little project which does try to solve this it’s called snapcast Could it be possible to try to integrate this to osmc


How would you expect it to function? Within Kodi or via CLI?

It could be packaged as an App if there’s demand for it


Well i would expect first as a CLI until the demand is increase and someone makes an addon to control the different stream. I would be happy controlling the different streams with the android app.

I would love to see this on OSMC aswell

Snapcast looks like an awesome project for that feature.
Tomorrow I will try it out to install an snapcast server on my raspberry and pipe the sound via PulseAudio to it.

If it works fine, I only need to create an small GUI for OSMC.

Do anyone already try it?

Has anybody given more thought on how to use this in Kodi / OSMC?

Technically, snapcast works great. A server sends sound to the network, the clients pick up the stream and play it in sync.

More specificaly, snapserver uses a named pipe, /tmp/snapfifo (by default), to which the Players must write their sound output.
Snapclient just finds the server (using avahi I believe), connects and grabs the stream and then sends sound to the default ALSA device (by default).

That being said, what would hope to achieve?

  • Have Kodi/OSMC be the master and send output to dumb players in other zones?
    ** (playing back locally is pretty easy, you can just send sound output to snapserver and run the client locally at the same time.)
  • Have Kodi/OSMC be the client and receive sound from another player?
  • Have Kodi/OSMC control its local snapclient as well as other snapclients on the network, similar to what the Android app does?

Also, the stream is just a FLAC stream (again, by default) and contains no information about what’s being played, so that can be an issue if we want nice integration in Kodi.

Anyway, things don’t look much more advanced on this issue on the Kodi forum

It has been a long time since this thread was started.

This is still a great idea, has anything like this been implemented in the meanwhile?

(With the Ikea / Sonos Symphonisk we could get a really inexpensive but high quality multiroom setup for Kodi /OSMC)

And again it has been a long time since this thread was continued. :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea was so great that i was wondering nobody adapted the libreelec version of snapcast in the meanwhile. Maybe because of switching distro, doesn’t matter. :smiley:

Maybe i’m to stupid to follow all those solutions around but one sunny day i gave it a try to adapt this great project for myself on several OSMC Kodi’s.

I still stuck on my oldschool OSMC Kodi v.18 and had no review to the newest dev. test state of OSMC Kodi v.19. Maybe now it exist a simplier way to be done but i don’t care.

At the time OSMC Kodi v.19 is official available and stable, i’ll spend some time to look if this can be adopted.

So, long text nothing behind and a lot of seconds wasted to read this, but if anyone is interested i builded two OSMC Snapcast addons. All is still in dev. status and many improvements have to be done. This also includes to build a package from it. :wink: But it is working on my OSMC’s and can probably running on other OSMC Kodi’s too.

Take a look at GitHub - coderpussy/OSMC-Snapcast-RPi: OSMC Snapcast RPi integration

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