Music Visualisations?

I am a fan of Milkdrop visualisation from my Winamp days, and see that this is usually an optional musci player visualisation from the official kodi repo..

However, I can not find this visualisation add-on from:

  • Add ons | Install from Repo | All Repos | Look and Feel = there is no option for visualisations here.

I can also see a few posts mentioning this issue, and only a few of the bundled visualisations work such as Shadertoy.

Has anyone got any steps on how I could get Milkdrop to work on my Vero 4k?

19.3 / Vero 4k


I believe the visualisations that work on the vero4k/+ are already installed. Should be able to enable one from the OSD during music play back or:

Settings → Addon-on broweser → My addons → Look and Feel → Visualisations

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom. Have just tried those bundled ones - Waveform and FishBMC, and neither seem to do anything when I play a song under Music.

Example: Player Settings using the bundled FishBMC music visualisation

And then playing a song, nothing happens:

Am I missing something really obvious? Never actually used music visualisations on any Kodi platform.


With a song playing. What happens if you go to the home screen and press back or exit?

Thanks Tom.

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home screen and press back or exit?

Afraid not. Still returns to the player screen which shows title at bottom and the default title of track scrolling in the main screen.

Assumed it might be skin related, but also happens with default Kodi skin:


Just tried these plus spectrum.

Couldn’t get FishBMC to work at all. But the other 2 worked fine. You may need to bring OSD and select the visualisations and then select which one you want to use.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks for trying to replicate. Tried your steps, but no luck with Spectrum. However…

I jumped back into the AuroMOD skin settings, and found some settings that fixed things:

  • Disabled Scrolling Text Effect
  • Animate artist slideshow

So progress!

Going back to original Q.

If one wanted to get additional Music Visualisations such as Milkdrop2, if it is not appearing when trying to add from kodi repo - perhaps its a limitation of the underlying system and OpenGL drivers?


I don’t believe milkdrop is supported by GPU.

Thanks Tom.

We use GLES for windowing – so if OpenGL is a dependent it will not work unfortunately.