Music visualizations?


New to the Vero and OSMC, but long time LibreELEC and OpenELEC user.

I just configured my new Vero 4K+ and all is working WRT 4K and HDR and resolution switching and Dolby Atmos, and I’m a happy camper.

I noticed there are not audio visualizations. I search and tried a few things to get some working from my other ODriod LibreELEC, but no dice. Will there be visualizations in a future update? Is there a repo I can download and install to get some visualizations?


Which visualisations would you like?


I’ll start with “any”. The Vero4K+ ships with none.

I like swirling colors. :slight_smile:

That’s a bit vague…

There should be Shadertoy visualisations available via the popcornmix repository for example.

OK, so I just download the popcorn mix repo from


The repo should already be included if I recall correctly. It just needs enabling.

ok, sorry to ask, but how does one enable the repo? I don’t see it in any list.

Well, I just installed from GitHub and Shadertoy is working. I don’t particularly like it, so I will search for other visualizations.

I do not think was included with the out of the box Vero 4K+.

I also used apt-get to get other visualizations, but none of the others worked. Spectrum was only that showed, but when used, nothing was displayed.

OSMC isn’t based on Ubuntu – so that won’t work. Installing some of those add-ons may cause problems with your system.

Vero 4K is a GLES based platform; so you will be limited re. visualisations as most use OpenGL. I’m working on adding more – but trying to avoid a hacky approach.

I’ll look in to this further.


ProjectM seems to support GLES

Yes – but I don’t think the Kodi implementation does.

Seems that was just added as well

It seems to require GLES3 though unfortunately.


It seems the initial pull request was GLES3-only, but it was expanded to support GLES2 as well.

So it does! @gmc – can we get this in to nightlies as a test?



I checked GitHub and shadertoy, spectrum and waveform all reference GLES in their code. It appears vortex may not even require GL at all.

I’ve added it back into the build. Visualizations were excluded as they failed to build previously. Lets see how the latest build goes.

Did it build successfully? If so, I’ll try out one of the test builds to see how it works…

Unfortunately could never get any of the them to build.