Music visualizations?

ProjectM seems to support GLES

Yes – but I don’t think the Kodi implementation does.

Seems that was just added as well

It seems to require GLES3 though unfortunately.


It seems the initial pull request was GLES3-only, but it was expanded to support GLES2 as well.

So it does! @gmc – can we get this in to nightlies as a test?



I checked GitHub and shadertoy, spectrum and waveform all reference GLES in their code. It appears vortex may not even require GL at all.

I’ve added it back into the build. Visualizations were excluded as they failed to build previously. Lets see how the latest build goes.

Did it build successfully? If so, I’ll try out one of the test builds to see how it works…

Unfortunately could never get any of the them to build.

Any logs of the errors you could share? Maybe I could try to help troubleshoot. I’d love to see this finally land on the Vero.

First issue was:

c++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-msse2’
glm/CMakeFiles/glm_static.dir/build.make:62: recipe for target ‘glm/CMakeFiles/glm_static.dir/detail/glm.cpp.o’ failed
make[5]: *** [glm/CMakeFiles/glm_static.dir/detail/glm.cpp.o] Error 1

I fixed this by patching the source flags here:

After that another issue with OpenGL files missing:

configure: error: GL/gl.h or OpenGL/gl.h is needed

I tried adding libgles2-mesa-dev libaries but then Kodi didn’t even build. Came up with GLES3 errors.

OK, and you’re definitely using visualization.projectm from master or v2.2.0?

Did you try to build any of these? I believe they’re quite a bit less complex than ProjectM…

Not having any luck with Vortex either. Failing with windows.h error.

I don’t think we are going to have luck with any of these.

Just checking to make sure you tried shadertoy, spectrum and waveform as well. If none of them will build, that’s too bad. Any chance of filing bugs to the upstream?

Have you tried the visualisations from the popcornmix repo?

How did you build it? On your Vero4k? If so, what are the steps to get a build process set up, if you don’t mind?

I never build them, popcornmix did, but what I read from Sam these don’t work on Kodi v18 :frowning:

I tried it with kodi 18.2 and spectrum M but stereo great but atmos, dts:x or dd doesn’t work, probably problems with coding or more channels. Or is there a solution?

Here ya go :wink: