My Osmc not working - error

Hi, two days ago I saw there is a new update. I 've done it. Is about the latest fw from October official stable release. I saw that I have kodi 18.9. Now I have an error when I try to open My Osmc. Doesn’t start at all. Update error. Kodi works fine. I have no skills with Linux. Is the a way to fix this other than reinstall Osmc on my Vero 4k+?

I would suggest posting some logs via the command line.

It sounds like you are running the experimental buster-devel repository, where we have released a version of My OSMC which needs a newer version of Kodi to function. This is an experimental repository for advanced users.

Like I said, no Linux skills. I have not install buster because I don’t know how.

I think this can be the only possible way that your installation has ended up like this. Perhaps you installed a hot fix at some point which activated this repository.

The quickest way to get things back on track if you have no command line experience would be to reinstall OSMC. See


There was another OSMC update released last night, worth manually updating to see if this fixes the issue? KODI not playing any video content after 18.9 update

It won’t fix his issue. He has an experimental repository enabled which has changes that are not ready for release yet.

He needs to either use the command line (which we can assist with) or re-install OSMC.

Hi, today I will try to fix this issue that I have. I will try to fix my self by starting to learn how to do it with command line😬. Please tell me exactly the command line to fix this. If I will not manage with command line, I will try a fresh reinstall Osmc and then make a backup that I have on my sdcard. Is OK this procedure?

Well, to get the commandline prompt you need either a USB keyboard you connect to the OSMC device or you have to install the software putty on your PC. The wiki article tells you how to get the commandline and how to login as user osmc.

Once you got the commandline prompt logged in as user osmc, you’ve to invoke these commands

  1. sudo apt update
  2. sudo apt dist-upgrade
  3. sudo sync
  4. sudo reboot

(In step 2 you’re asked to to confirm the installation of packages, answer with letter ‘Y’ and hit return/enter)

That’s all.


Happy to tell you that I successfully updated my Vero 4k+ following your guidance. It was very easy, I don’t know why I was thinking this could be difficult. Now I am happy :blush:. Thanks guys for amazing support!

I was experiencing the same issues as the OP. I’ve never updated anything in OSMC apart from the updates that come down automatically.
Anyway, using the info above has helped me fix the OSMC not working error.

Thanks very much.

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