NAS or USB 4K 60-70GB files?

Hi everyone
I am waiting to receive my Vero 4K+ and I was planning to buy a 2.5 or 3.5 usb drive to connect it to Vero
I already have an Intel nuc used to downloads and plex server mainly.
Here is my question, what would you do, connect an USB drive to the NUC, connect it to the Vero or to adquire a NAS? Obviously the idea is to don’t be continuously plugging and unplugging a USB device from NUC to Vero
I wouldnt use the NAS for other than to archive 4K files
Thanks. Regards

Why not just use the NUC as a NAS?

Yes. That’s my question.
As seen in some post some people has problem with some files over network and the recommendation always is to try playing it via USB.
What would be the best option to share the drive over the network with the W10 NUC? Smb?

Yes. That’s the simplest with Win10. Streaming speed depends on the connection between your NUC and vero. If wired @ 1G you will be fine. If you have a flakey wifi connection, you will likely struggle with those files. Read this: File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device

Thanks. I’ll try that.
Connect drive to Vero and activate smb sharing isn’t a good option?
With this should be able to select that folder as my download folder in the NUC right?
USB ports are 2 or 3.0?


The USB ports are 2.0 which is fine for streaming 4K.
You can do it from the Vero: it may also save some power if you are conscious about that.


Theorical max write speed should be 60MB/s right? I have a 600Mb line and sometimes I reach 70MB/s downloading
Any dis/advantage sharing the USB drive with SMB with NUC vs Vero?

You may be at the mercy of WIndows updates which break things from time to time.
But generally, you should be OK.

What should be the route to map the attached drive to Vero in Windows?

All auto mounted drives are automatically shared by their label name.
You can verify on OSMC with smbclient -L localhost

Your shared folder should show up in Windows Explorer. To map it to a drive letter, right click and choose Map network drive…

I was checking the transferring and editing wiki and saw the SFTP option
Do you recommend this option to transfer big files 60-70Gb? Just in case I’m not able to set the smb server…


SFTP is quite slow, you would be better with smb; but if you decide ftp is a better option I would you the ftp server. This can be installed from the MyOSMC store.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks for Ftp would apply this?
Host: ftp://ip-address-of-your-osmc
Username: osmc
Password: osmc (Or your user-specified password)
Port: 21

If I would want to move some files in my mounted USB disk, what should I do? Is there any file manager?


Apologies I think I’m a bit confused about what you are trying to achieve, a link to

That wiki would help?

Anyway point is transfer rates on sftp are really slow, I think you will find this an issue with files that are 60-70gb

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom
Ftp server installed and running.
File manager found, I needed to move a folder in the USB drive attached to Vero
Tomorrow I’ll try with SMB

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SMB server running and drive mapped in W10
smbclient -L localhost didnt work (command not found), don´t know why, but mapping to \VeroIP\disk_label worked
FTP transfer worked at 35Mb/s, i understand that this is max speed for USB2.0

sudo apt-get install smbclient

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Thanks fzinken,
i´ll try later
But osmc says that smb client is running in the “Services” section

Thats a different topic.
Anyhow as everything is already working no need for smbclient which was just to find out the share name