Netflix and Widevine?

I’m using OSMC on a Vero 4K+ and have read (but not understood) a thread on “Widevine add-ons stopped working from 01/09”. It sounds like it should be possible, even easy, to watch Netflix on OSMC using Widevine, but I can’t find any instructions on how to do this. Can someone point the way? If the solution or something similar also works for Amazon Prime, that would be even better.

In particular, I’m concerned about installing add-ons of doubtful provenance where I have to input Netflix credentials.

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but my googling failed me.

I understand the reluctance to use a third party software, but Netflix don’t want their registered users to use non-official apps, and there by invalidated only “email & password” authentication. So the folks behind Netflix addon have devised a plan to grab that auth-key from an approved browser like Chrome.

In a Linux environment it’s a clear text python script, but in windows it’s a compile executable file. Since it’s objective is to spy on another process, in order to get that secret key, most antivirus flags it as a threat. I have used both and I’m still virus free.

If you have access to a Linux desktop with chrome/chromium. I would suggest you use that, else the windows app is your only choice. It will launch a browser that opens Netflix login page, after login it will grab the return information Netflix sends and then close that browser.

I do understand if this is a hurdle you ae uncomfortable with, especially since the reward is stilll “just 720p” on a 4k device., the future might change that limitation. But the evil of third party application will still be needed since Netflix still throws sticks in the wheels of the addon developers.

Here is how to get authkey and pin:

Here is where you get the Netflix addon repository:

Here is a instructions to get the OS prepared to work with libwidevine:

It’s some work, but I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. Previously I had just one script, but since more and more addons use libwidevine I’ve broken it off to prep OS, and leave addon choice and installation to the user. I have 4 addons dependent on libwidevine, I cant keep 4 instructions script updated when ever there is a change =).

Thanks very much for the explanation and suggestions. I do appreciate the work you’ve obviously put in, but for me it doesn’t seem worthwhile just to end up with a limited resolution picture that Netflix might still mess up at any time.

I’ll put up with juggling remotes and switching inputs to get my Netflix for now.

Do that all the time as well, since the native Netflix app on an Android TV is much more full featured.

However, if you manage to get HDMI-CEC working on OSMC, you don’t really need to switch remotes. I frequently use my TV remote for the Vero 4k+ and the TV.