Netflix on Vero 4K

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Any progress regarding dual-boot and Android running on Vero 4K?

KR Jernej

Not at this time; but I will let you know when we make progress.


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Any update on this? I just got my Vero 4K, which I plan to use as a replacement for my old WD TV Live box.

But I also use the WD TV Live to watch Netflix. If I can’t use Vero 4K to watch Netflix, what am I supposed to do?

The information here is a bit out of date. Netflix is available in our Kodi v18 test builds.


Thanks for the answer, but I have no idea what that means.

Mind you, I just got the box and have not even connected it. So I have no idea what version is on the box and what Kodi 18 test build is or where to get it.

Update: I used this post, because it was still open and I did no want to create a duplicate. I hope that’s ok.

Hi @tessus

Netflix will be possible with a new (unreleased version of Kodi).
Currently, the stable version is v17 but v18 test builds can be obtained here

When you do connect up your device you should like it. Any questions, let us know


If I were you, I’d just use the WD TV Live you already own to watch Netflix, and use Vero 4K for things Kodi supports!

If you’re looking for something that gives you all the apps available in a general-purpose consumer-oriented box, Vero 4K probably isn’t it. If you want the quality and versatility this box offers in terms of supporting your TV’s native refresh rates, a/v codecs, and so on, AND all those apps, there is probably no perfect solution. I doubt Vero (at least on Linux) will ever run any service-specific apps like Amazon video, Hulu, Netflix, and so on. Even if Android becomes a reality, it seems doubtful Netflix would ever be 4K or even HD, since I believe that requires licensing.

But I love my Vero for providing unparalleled support and videophile/audiophile quality for the various formats of the videos I own. If I want to watch Netflix or Amazon video or whatever, I just switch to my old Fire TV. Most TVs made in the last 7 or 8 years have all these apps built in, too.

Hmm, I can watch Netflix HD on my browser, can’t I? Kodi would only have to support Netflix via the web interface, or am I missing something here?

There are test builds for Amazon Video and Netflix already.
More will come later.

OK, well cool! I stand corrected about the possibility of HD streaming apps in the future.

But for me, this stuff is “nice to have” and has very little to do with why I bought a Vero 4K… every TV and random streamer I have from the years past plays Netflix. None of them, on the other hand, can even switch my TV to 23.976 FPS.

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:


Have just ordered a Vero 4k and even I am keen to know if Netflix at 4k will be available any day ? I agree it may be there in multiple platforms already but it is good to have it in one place as that’s comfortable for me. So just keen to know if complete Netflix will be available some day. What is the current issue stopping the developers from adding this functionality because apart from the bigwigs like Nvidia and Amazon no one is able to add this on their device? Is it because there is some proprietary software that Netflix have to provide which costs loads of money ?

4K won’t be possible unfortunately. It requires Widevine certification as well as a secured boot mechanism (not open source).

We have to decode the content in software, which is quite taxing on the CPU.


Thanks for the confirmation.

So I bought the Vero 4K because I read a review that it was a great, secure and private device to use for Youtube, Netflix etc.

How do I get Netflix and Youtube on to my device?

Is there an app store? Simple guide?

YouTube is relatively simple - there’s a Kodi add-on that handles it.

For Netflix, I have been able to get it working in the past using this guide:

Note that YouTube is currently limited to 1080p/60 resolution. There is no definitive reason why the Vero 4K+ shouldn’t be able to play 4K YouTube stuff in the future, but it will require some changes to the inputstream.adaptive plugin, which is not under the control of the OSMC developers; and there has been no announcement of when (or even if) it will be upgraded.

Netflix is (for practical purposes) limited to 720p resolution - 1080p can play, but is so jerky it’s unwatchable. There is a possibility that smooth 1080p/24 playback will be available one day, but certainly not any time soon, and maybe never; and 4K Netflix, definitely never.

The review was incorrect, I’m afraid. The Vero 4K+ is a great device for local streaming - playing videos you have a copy of on your LAN - but if YouTube and Netflix are the primary things you want to use a media player for, then (IMO) you bought the wrong device.

Bringing this back up. Is this still not possible with Vero 4K and netflix?

What do you mean? It’s already possible to watch Netflix on the Vero 4K/4K+.

Also in 4K?